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Brick Cladding Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Brick Cladding

Terreal’s terracotta brick cladding combines the benefits of contemporary construction benefits with the natural appeal of traditional bricks. Building owners are looking for brick cladding that will not only offer outstanding aesthetics but also provide maximum system performance.

High Thermal Insulation

Choosing accredited brick cladding systems ensures that you have an ideal choice that will create utmost energy efficiencies. With brick cladding, you benefit from a timeless modernity of an authentic material with low thermal conductivity. The product also enhances your building’s fire resistance. They are a technically perfect solution to insulate your walls, helping achieve a healthy and comfortable environment.

Changing Faces with Brick Cladding System

Modern brick cladding is unmatched in terms of versatility. Therefore, it is ideal for both new projects and renovations. You can choose between a full range of textures and colors depending on your architectural style or preference. With recent advancements in building technology, more decorative patterns have been developed, allowing designers the freedom and inspiration to create unique facades for their construction project.

Brick Cladding to Transform Your Building Aesthetics

For many building owners, it’s their goal that they achieve that wow factor when it comes to their building’s appeal. Brick cladding is highly recommended for brightening your exterior. With plenty to choose from, designers and building owners are able to achieve a perfect match between the brick and the theme of the building.

On-site flexibility

Brick cladding is compatible with a variety of substrates. It is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Additionally, brick cladding offers excellent on-site flexibility, enabling building owners to shape the facade according to building designs.

Suitable for demanding projects with tight schedules. Bricks are an innovative way to clad a wall fast and efficiently. With brick cladding, you have minimal compromise on design.

Building Protection

Brick cladding enhances the strength and safety of your facades. With proper brick cladding, you benefit from the utmost protection from external conditions such as weather and pollutants. Also, you can rest assured of zero cracks. At Terreal, our terracotta bricks are well engineered for hard and soft body impact, wind resistance and water penetration.

Brick cladding offers the technical performance that is much needed for contemporary projects. Brick cladding systems offer rapid and simple fixing. They exploit the natural properties of terracotta, providing utmost value for designers and building owners.

Terreal offers an unmatched range of terracotta building solutions. When it comes to our brick cladding, quality and performance are built-in. Also, there is plenty to choose from, depending on your specific needs and requirements. There are many colors and finishes to achieve exciting new external and internal environments. Contact us today for a customized package.

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