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Brick Facade Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Advantages of Brick Facades

Terreal has reinvented terracotta, as a result, helping create unique styled buildings built using well-designed facade systems. With brick facades, you have the advantages of an authentic and timeless brick appearance, complemented with the superior durability and appearance. Brick facades have an unmistakable vibrancy to both commercial and residential buildings.

Brick facades are excellent in minimizing a building’s overall energy demand. With a well-functioning facade, you can rest assured of comfortable living for many decades. Over the years, brick facades have been widely adopted around the world. This can be attributed to a number of practical advantages when compared to other options.

Ease of installation and maintenance

Brick facades enable easy and fast installation, especially in comparison with many traditional systems. It’s worth noting that no adhesives are required to hold the bricks into place. Before choosing a particular brick facade, you should sufficiently evaluate the exterior facade system. With brick facades, you benefit from less time-consuming installation, one wall at a time. Terracotta brick facades are durable and maintenance free, providing utmost value for building owners.

Design Flexibility

When it comes to brick facades, a comprehensive range of profiles, colors, textures, and mortars are available. There is plenty to choose from, thus enormous design possibilities. Additionally, brick facades enable vertical and horizontal application. Brick facades embody superior thermal and structural performance.

Colors and finishes

Brick facades have a very distinctive texture. The products also boast a classic look ideal for contemporary building projects. Terreal provides a wide array of colored bricks. Additionally, a variety of standard mortar options are available as well as custom color matching for customized facade solutions.

Ideal for demanding applications

Brick facade solutions are ideal for demanding applications in both residential and commercial buildings. They come in handy when the building facade has to be tailored to the unique features of the building. Brick facades are proven and tested in enhancing the energy efficiency of commercial and residential buildings alike. They help increase the comfort and functionality of your building, with no compromise for the architecture needs.

Before choosing a particular brick facade, it is critical to consider the location and environmental conditions of your building. Working with the right professionals is critical as it helps find a more tailored solution for your building. There is a lot more to consider than just the texture, color and pattern of your brick. Terreal is the company of choice to help you choose the right brick for your building. Contact us today for a customized package.

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