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Brick Fascia: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

The continuous evolution of terracotta as a building material has promoted new construction designs and techniques. Terracotta has transformed to into a modern, flexible material that is compatible with a wide range of innovative and unconventional architectural designs.

Fascia is used along the lower edge of a roof in many modern buildings. It overhangs a building’s outer walls, thus helping close the gap between the roof and the wall. More and more people are using brick fascia to ‘seal’ the roof at its edges. Brick fascia is also used to hold the gutter system.


Thermal comfort thanks to terracotta’s thermal inertia

Terracotta is a proven and tested material that naturally embodies unrivalled thermal and structural performance. Consequently, more and more designers and building owners are adopting brick fascia for their projects. Truth is, designers may not directly regulate the energy use by home appliances. However, having the right design helps achieve excellent thermal comfort in building interiors.

Thermal capacitance of bricks can be utilized with maximum effect in regions that experience large diurnal temperature shifts. Terracotta has a very high thermal mass. Consequently, brick fascia is highly recommended to achieve the most stable thermal comfort for commercial and residential buildings alike. It is critical that designers and other decision makers are aware of how to take full advantage of the energy saving potential that brick fascia offers, and this is where experts such as Terreal come in.

A wide range of sizes, colors and finishes

Terracotta offers unmatched installation possibilities. As a building material, terracotta has an amazing ability to accommodate diverse types of buildings, both commercial and residential. The authenticity of terracotta cannot be overstated.

The expressive possibilities of terracotta help achieve the technical performance required to build a long lasting brick fascia. A range of trendy colors gives an unmistakable vibrancy to your facades. The cost of brick fascia primarily depends on the material chosen.

Durable and maintenance free

It’s worth noting that terracotta has superior physical and aesthetical qualities. Terracotta is also frost resistant. With brick fascia, you have a building material that will offer long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

Aesthetic benefits

When it comes to contemporary constructions, building owners want a unique and modern aesthetic. Aesthetically, brick fascia gives the warmth, charm and character that you need for your project to stand out. Brick fascia can be manufactured in various shapes and colors to match different building styles.

Are you thinking about using brick fascia for your home or business? Let us guide you through the options. Contact us today for the best bargains in the market.

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