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Frequently Asked Questions About Brick Look Tiles

For many decades, Terreal has adopted innovative building technology to provide terracotta products that meet your design expectations. When shopping for brick look tiles, there are many questions you’re bound to want deeper insight. Whether you are building from scratch, or want to renovate your rooms, we’ve sought the answers to the most common questions regarding brick look tiles.

Can you mix and match multiple brick look tile?

Brick look ties enable mixing and matching of different materials and tile shapes. This majorly depends on the look and style of choice. You can blend brick look tiles with other types of tiles, creating contemporary architectural designs. With the use of terracotta tiles, you have plenty of colors to choose from. At Terreal, our range of brick look tiles has an array of distinct designs and colors, thus offering a myriad of styles.

Are brick look tiles suitable for indoors?

Made from Terracotta, brick look tiles are as good as the real thing. Brick look tiles have been widely adopted for indoors applications. Use the material to create an authentic-looking contemporary wall, a unique fireplace frame or kitchen. With brick look tiles, the possibilities are endless.

Do they require maintenance?

When choosing brick materials, it is critical that the material is sustainable for its intended use. Brick-like tiles are very resistant to abrasion, besides minimal likelihood to wear. Consequently, the tiles are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

What is the shade variation like for brick look tiles?

Brick-like tiles have high shade variation regarding the variation of color, tone, and texture among different individual tiles. Many customers are looking for unique installation for commercial and residential applications alike.

What are the benefits of brick look tiles?

Brick look tiles are highly recommended for their combination of durability and character. With their excellent technical properties, brick look tiles are ideal for both interior and exterior projects. Brick look tiles can minimize the need for artificial cooling by utilizing natural energy, besides incorporating thermal mass into your building. They are also aesthetically superior, with individual color and style selections designs to create a unique modern look.

How do I know the number of tiles to buy?

It is critical to know the dimensions of the floor or walls that you are tiling. Subsequently, you can calculate the number of brick look tiles that you require, taking into account the spacing. It is recommended that you add about 10% to account for possible breakage.

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