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Brick Tiles Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Benefits of Brick Tiles

Building using brick tiles is a viable investment for contemporary projects. Due to its many real benefits, brick tiles are the material of choice for designers and building owners alike. These are some of the many benefits that have stamped brick tiles as an excellent building material.


Brick tiles offer excellent durability as building materials. They hardly deteriorate with time. You can be confident of long-lasting performance with minimal risk of cracks or fading. Brick tiles are manufactured to handle heavy impact damage. With brick tiles, you have a tested and proven material that will last many decades when properly installed and take care of.

Thermal comfort

Wall cladding using brick tiles help adjust the building’s temperature. During winter, the walls offer warm while during summer, they provide a cooling effect. Consequently, brick tiles help achieve a conducive indoor climate. During the hot summer days, the demand for coolness and ventilation is minimized.


Besides thermal comfort, brick tiles offer many financial advantages. Buildings made of brick tiles require minimal energy for heating. As a result, there is less need for air conditioning. Energy prices are increasing around the world every other day, thus the need for more energy efficient homes.


Buildings made of bricks are generally more attractive and attract more resale value. This can mainly be attributed to the rich properties of terracotta. It’s worth noting that houses made of bricks are associated with better quality. Bricks are a source of inspiration for designers and building owners alike, providing a rich expression to animate the facades.


Choose Terracotta brick tiles to create a unique rustic look in your home or garden. Looking for decorating ideas for your living room, kitchen, hallway or bathroom? With brick tiles, you have plenty of ideas to spice up your indoors. When it comes to your outdoors, terracotta brick tiles can be used to achieve a stunning patio area for relaxation.


There is a need to be more environmentally responsible, especially in the building industry. Terracotta brick tiles are made using 100% natural materials. Consequently, their building does not negatively affect the environment. Brick tiles are also fire resistant.

Quiet Building

The building materials used plays a critical role in how soundproof the rooms are. Terracotta brick tiles offer natural insulation. For example, noise from outside during heavy rainfall is appropriately insulated.

Fixing & Maintenance

Terracotta brick tiles require minimal maintenance. However, it is highly recommended that you work with the right professionals. It is critical to ensure tiles are correctly fixed to last for decades to come.


Brick tiles offer high versatility as a building material. The compression strength is ideal for conventional construction.  Also, varying sizes and orientations give different surface textures. With brick tiles, there are endless architectural possibilities.

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