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Brick Veneer Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Brick Veneer

Since time immemorial, brick has been consistently used for diverse construction projects. The rich qualities of brick, especially the rustic and timeless beauty have played a huge role in the building of many popular landmarks today.  With brick veneers, the beauty of brick is even more profound. The ageless look and texture of brick veneers cannot be overstated. With the innovative solutions in building technology, it’s much easier for building owners to implement the ageless look to their buildings.

Brick veneers are used to cover an existing structure. The use of brick veneer entails concealing the frame of the structure with a layer of bricks as the exterior layer. Therefore, it’s important to note that veneer bricks do not bear the structural load of a house.


Brick veneers promote versatility, in that they can be easily installed after the building has already been constructed. Also, a simple foundation and support system is needed. Brick veneers are very suitable for renovating dilapidated buildings with a new brick face.

In some contemporary building projects, brick veneers are used to white wash brick walls. Consequently, the brick veneer enhances the character of your building.

Indoors and outdoors applications

With its impressive versatility, brick veneers can be used for both interiors and exteriors. They have been widely used to cover concrete landscaping features, significantly enhancing the appearance and value of the property. Inside your house, brick veneers can be used in enhancing your interior decor. What’s even better-you benefit from improved insulation. Brick veneers have superior natural insulation properties.

Ease of installation and Maintenance

The material is thin and lightweight, thus simple to work with compared to larger and more solid products. Veneers are durable with minimal maintenance. You benefit from zero stains or fade. Brick veneers are thus a sustainable building material.


Brick veneer is a cost-effective option, especially in comparison with the use of ‘real bricks’. It is thin compared to other bricks, thus much cheaper. You also benefit from easier repair. Brick veneers are economical for both commercial and residential applications.

Terreal is one of world’s leading producers of terracotta roofing tiles. The company has an enviable wealth of experience with decades of experience and many plants strategically located around the world. When it comes to brick veneers, Terreal has an enviable selection of colors, finishes, textures and sizes. Contact us today for a deeper insight into brick veneers and how Terreal can help you with your next project.

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