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Clay Bricks Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Clay Bricks – A Timeless Modernity to Transform Your Facades

More and more people are adopting clay bricks to give their building a timeless, appealing look. As soon as a clay brick is laid, an authentic beauty is evident from your building. Also, the curb appeal cannot go unnoticed. It’s no wonder that buildings with clay bricks generally have a higher resale value. Clay bricks have many benefits that make it a viable option for homeowners.

Fire resistance with clay bricks

The importance of safety in your home cannot be overstated. In this regards, you should use building materials that will enhance the safety of the occupants. Clay bricks offer utmost fire resistance. It is highly recommended as a cladding choice to resist fires.

Minimal maintenance

For building owners using clay bricks, it’s always a relief that they require minimal to zero maintenance.  While other building materials often require huge costs for painting or renovations, clay bricks are durable and maintain their color and finishes for decades. The unique composition of brick clays ensures excellent wear resistance.

Energy savings, the natural way

Clay bricks can help to significantly lower your energy bills. As a natural insulator, clay loses or absorbs minimal heat from outside. Less air conditioning or heating is thus required inside your building. Bricks homes are known to be very energy efficient.

Clay bricks are the epitome of sustainability. Terreal clay tiles are proven and tested in providing superior solar and thermal reflectance. During the day, clay bricks limit the amount of radiant heat penetrating through the building. They effectively discharge heat to the outside during the night.


With brick clays, you have a comprehensive range of colors, tones, and textures to choose from. They can improve the visual appeal of any building, whet her residential or commercial.  Working with the right professionals is recommended to achieve a perfect aesthetics for your building.

It is quite evident – clay bricks are a great building material. They are comparatively inexpensive, providing high value for homeowners. Terreal is the company of choice for customized clay bricks that are tailored to your specific needs. Our clay bricks offer the right combination of ingenuity and performance to your project. The terracotta products are built to survive the test of time, giving long-lived benefits to commercial and residential buildings alike.

For us, innovation is a way of life, with an unmatched assortment of terracotta solutions to prove it. Every clay brick supplied by Terreal is well designed to provide utmost value, consequently achieving unexpected dimensions and style.  Furthermore, we uphold industry-leading best practices. Contact us today for a customized package.

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