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Colors Bricks

Advancement in building technology has significantly enhanced the production of brick clays, especially when it comes to the mixing process. Consequently, more and more exciting brick colors have been introduced into the market. It is critical to choose brick colors that will unify your interior and exterior. Therefore, working with experienced professionals is highly recommended.

Terreal offers a myriad of Terracotta profiles available in a wide range of dazzling colors. Besides the high resistance and durability of the external surface, you benefit from superior aesthetic properties. Terreal has mastered the art of quality brick colors that are tailored to customer needs. The assortment of Terreal Terracotta bricks is fired at temperatures as high as 1050ºc. Consequently, the brick tiles offer long-lasting performance without rust, fade or corrosion.

Terracotta offers superior properties, especially in comparison with other alternatives in the building industry. As a result, you can be certain of the improved resale value of your home. Over the years, terracotta has been reinvented, providing new inspiration for more innovative architectural designs. Consequently, designers and building owners alike have access to more expressive possibilities of bricks.

New colors have been introduced to offer more customized decorative solutions for commercial and residential buildings. Compared to other roofing products in the market, bricks require minimal maintenance. Looking for new exciting colors for your facades? Glazed brick is one of the best terracotta products from Terrreal.

The production of glazed bricks involves a firing process where is glaze is bonded with the terracotta. As much as the brick is enhanced to modify the tones, the brick still maintains its natural appearance. With the unique finish, the brick achieves a unique force and character, besides offering a wide range of colors possibility. Consequently, designers and building owners have new inspiration to create exciting facades.

When it comes to classic bricks, Terreal has innovative solutions to transform your facades. With our line of classic clay bricks, you have plenty of formats and hues to choose from. Whether you want classic and regional tints or resolutely elegant colors, our brick colors are well designed to enhance customer satisfaction.

Aiming at creative and original architectures for your project? Hand moulded bricks may be the choice for you. You have plenty of colors to choose from, depending on your specific needs and requirements. Reinvented terracotta from companies such as Terreal responds to today’s challenges, changes scale and opens new ground for architectural creations.

Bricks have been a major building material since time immemorial. Its versatility, besides its richness in colors and finishes, makes it ideal for both residential and commercial applications. As a customer-centric company, Terreal is keen on expanding our assortment of quality terracotta bricks. Through personalized services, the company has managed impressive competitive advantages.

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