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Cost of Installing VELUX Skylight Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand

How Much Does a Velux Skylight Cost?
Cost-Saving Strategies for Velux Skylight Installation

The price range of Velux skylights varies depending on the specific model and features selected. Prices can start as low and can go much higher for more sophisticated models. The exact cost will be influenced by the size, style, and additional features chosen for your skylight, among other factors.

As much as skylights may seem expensive, there are some actionable ways for property owners to help minimize the cost of installing VELUX skylights. For example, consider choosing a smaller-sized window to reduce the extent of construction work required before installing the skylight. Opting for a smaller window can minimize the modifications needed to your roof or ceiling, resulting in cost savings and a simpler installation process.

It’s worth mentioning that small VELUX skylights can be pretty effective, especially for small spaces. Can you live with fewer roof windows? By reducing the number of windows, you can potentially lower the overall expense of the skylight project while still maintaining an acceptable level of natural light in the space. This trade-off allows for more affordability without compromising the desired level of illumination.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider choosing a more budget-friendly skylight model that is cheaper to buy and install. Balancing affordability and ease of installation can help save both time and money while still achieving the desired natural lighting benefits. VELUX offers a full range of skylights to suit varying budgets, so you can choose a budget-friendly product without compromising quality.

Installing VELUX skylights can be a daunting process that requires some expertise. If you lack the necessary skills, it may be prudent to hire a professional rather than doing it yourself and ending up with costly mistakes. The professional(s) must have the expertise, tools, and knowledge to ensure proper installation, reducing the risk of mistakes and expensive repairs down the line. While hiring a professional may involve additional expenses, it can provide peace of mind and ensure the skylight is installed correctly.

Professional skylight installers typically possess the necessary skills and expertise and have access to superior tools and materials. Consequently, they can complete the job efficiently while maintaining a high-quality standard. If you have financial constraints, hiring a professional for the skylight installation may be the preferable choice.

For all your VELUX skylight needs in Singapore, Terreal is the go-to supplier that offers both quality and affordability. Our extensive inventory boasts a wide range of competitively priced VELUX skylights, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit for your home.

What’s more, we frequently offer exciting discounts on our VELUX skylights, allowing you to save big bucks while still enjoying the benefits of superior craftsmanship and functionality. With Terreal, you can bring abundant natural light, ventilation, and style into your living space without breaking the bank!

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