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Curved Flat Roof Skylight Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Curved Flat Roof Skylight

If you want to increase natural light in your home or commercial space, a curved flat roof skylight may be the ideal solution. Not only do curved flat roof skylights offer aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency, but they can also add value to your property. The skylight stands out as a modern addition to a myriad of roof surfaces. This article explores the profound benefits of VELUX curved flat roof skylights and why they’re a great choice for your property in Singapore or elsewhere.

Curved flat roof skylights have become increasingly popular among Singapore’s property owners. They offer a unique and modern look that can enhance the overall design of the space. The skylight’s curved shape allows maximum natural light to enter the building, which can help minimize the need for artificial lighting and ultimately lower energy costs.

The VELUX curved glass roof skylight has a distinctive curved glass surface that allows increased natural daylight to enter while also providing a visually striking modern element to roof surfaces. The glass-to-edge design. The glass-to-edge design promotes a seamless and unobstructed view. This makes it an excellent choice for homeowners prioritizing optimal daylighting and contemporary design aesthetics. The innovative design blends into the roof and perfectly integrates onto various flat-roofed buildings.

Incorporating CurveTech technology, the VELUX curved glass roof light showcases a curved glass top that facilitates efficient rainwater drainage, even on roofs with a 0° pitch. This innovative design ensures that increased daylight can enter the surface while minimizing any hindrance caused by raindrops. The VELUX curved flat roof skylight offers low maintenance, especially since the curved glass enables rain to run off.

The VELUX flat curved roof skylight’s outer glass is strength-tested to withstand tough conditions in Singapore and other areas. In addition, the resilient outer glass is attached using a weather-proof sealant of exceptional strength. The perfect blend of a thermally insulating PVC frame and double-glazed, energy-efficient inner glass prevents heat from escaping, allowing you to maintain your desired indoor climate.

As a customer, you want a roof window tailored to your surroundings. Terreal supplies the full selection of VELUX skylights in different shapes and sizes to suit specific needs and requirements. Also, customers can choose from a wide range of blinds and accessories, thus ensuring that your chosen skylight is perfect for your project. Our dedicated sales team will help you find the best roof skylight products for your home or commercial premises in Singapore.

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