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Customized Colour Roofs Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand

Customized Colour Roofs

Terreal is a formidable roofing tiles manufacturer with an enviable wealth of experience in the industry. Widely adopted for many years, our customized colour roofs tiles have proven performance and aesthetics.

Terreal colour roofs offer long-lasting colour. Our clay roof tiles are fired at extremely high temperatures, around 1050ºc. This ensures that the customized colour roofs will not fade, rust or corrode. Terreal’s roofs require zero maintenance or refinishing. The long-lasting performance and fade-less qualities of customized colour roofs will enhance the resale value of your home.

Customized colour roofs from Terreal are aesthetically superior. Individual colour and style selections create an impression that will make your roof stand out. These tiles also easily blend in with the existing streetscape. Terreal offers a comprehensive range of colour choices and finishes for your roofs to achieve the desired roofing effect.

Terreal customized colour roofs provide top notch high-end housing and quality. Our clients have utilized our customized colour tiles to achieve that exclusive beauty to make your building stand out. Besides long-lasting and durability attributes, these customized roofs tiles have many benefits that have stamped them as sustainable roofing material for both residential and commercial buildings.

Terreal utilizes environmentally friendly processes to manufacture its roofs. Our clay tiles are all 100% natural, recyclable and made from locally sourced materials. It is critical that the manufacturing process adopt a policy of reduces, reuses and recycles. This minimizes the product carbon footprint.

Terreal’s roofs are manufactured in accordance with the highest specifications. Our clay tiles come with a 10-year warranty that gives full quality assurance after installation.

Terreal roofing components and fittings offer maximum compatibility with a comprehensive range of customized colour roofs. This ensures easy installation, perfect water tightness, and highly aesthetic finishing.

Terreal offers an enviable wealth of experience to assist you to choose the roofing style that best suits your needs. Our customers have continuously relied on our expertise when choosing customized colour roofs tiles. Terreal offers professional service, backed by the deep insight into industry standards and market needs.

Our experienced roofing experts work closely with clients to execute designs with precision for a stylish, long-lasting customized colour roof. Terreal works with various materials and design ideas to achieve a unique look that complements your building.

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