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Decorative Bricks Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Decorative Bricks – All You Need To Know

Finding the right bricks is critical for building owners, whether for restoration work or building new structures from scratch. With Terracotta decorative bricks, you benefit from a protective and seductive material, with unique shapes and colors to inspire new creations.

Decorative bricks capture the timeless beauty of the earth, with utmost elegance to meet the needs of contemporary architecture. For many years, Terreal has supplied a wide range of terracotta bricks, for commercial and residential building projects alike. Decorative bricks are ideal for achieving stunning outdoor features, renovation of properties and much more.


Decorative bricks have opened a whole new world of building possibilities for contemporary projects. Decorative bricks are highly recommended for achieving an appealing aesthetic effect on your building. They are compatible with diverse architectures. Also, you can combine decorative bricks with standard bricks to achieve a unique and appealing finish. Use decorative bricks to add a rustic charm with earthy hues. They have been more customized to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in contemporary buildings.

Installation and maintenance

Decorative bricks are extremely light and easy to install. During installation, many building owners prefer alternating colors and textures of the brick. The final result is a unique wall that is pretty striking to look at. Decorative bricks require minimal maintenance in the long-run. When it comes to renovations, altering the way decorative bricks are laid can have a significant impact on a finished building. They are extremely durable.

Terreal offers a comprehensive range of roofing components that are compatible with decorative bricks. The components are designed to facilitate easy installation of decorative bricks, besides enhancing the water tightness and aesthetic finishing. With us, there is plenty to choose from. Each of our products is well designed for performance.

Not just a brick wall!

Installing the right decorative brick can greatly enhance your property, ultimately helping raise its resale value. Decorative bricks come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. You can, therefore, customize your walls based on your needs and requirements. With decorative bricks, you have enormous room for creativity. Also, decorative bricks are cost-effective for residential and commercial applications.

As with all other terracotta bricks we supply, Terreal offers the best of the best decorative bricks at cost-friendly prices, and in a myriad of different colors and patterns. Terreal boasts an extensive network in the industry. As a result, we are able to source specific types of decorative bricks to meet your exact needs. For a deeper insight, or to get a quote, contact us today.

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