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Electric Flat Roof Window Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Velux Electric Flat Roof Window

Electric flat roof windows are primarily designed to offer convenient ventilation. With a simple button press, you can effortlessly ventilate your home while basking in ample natural daylight. Install the latest VELUX electric flat roof window to add unmatched value to your property, your well-being, and how you experience your interiors.

Available with a Wall Switch, a Remote Control, or a Remote and Rain Sensor, the VELUX electric flat roof windows allow for daily ventilation and promote free airflow into your room. The innovative roof windows have integrated rain sensors for automatic closing whenever it rains. The VELUX products are well-designed with concealed hinges, providing swift ventilation for your property.

As energy costs continue to rise, we recognize the crucial need to reduce heat loss from properties. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that the VELUX range of roof windows offers exceptional thermal performance, ensuring outstanding energy efficiency. As you would expect from an environmentally conscious company, the windows have unmatched u-Values.

Elegant design

VELUX electric flat roof windows have a clean and minimalist appearance. In addition, VELUX has incorporated large glazed areas and minimal framework to maximize the amount of natural daylight entering the rooms. The innovative VELUX curved glass flat roof window is specifically designed to be installed on completely flat roofs, ensuring proper drainage.

Industry standards

By choosing the VELUX electric flat roof window, you can bring your vision to life and experience a transformation in your living or working space. The VELUX electric flat roof windows are manufactured to relevant industry standards. The windows are fully accredited for use in flat roofs in Singapore and beyond. Its sleek and contemporary design, coupled with its high-quality production, ensures utmost durability and functionality. The VELUX windows and their components are UV and impact resistant.

. The VELUX electric flat roof window has a slimline frame that ensures maximum natural light enters the room via the roof window. The brand models are expected to provide the utmost performance and reliability for many years without significant structural integrity changes. Due to the design of the VELUX electric flat roof windows, the products are ideal for flat roof applications.

Product Safety

As a customer-centric manufacturer, VELUX’s range of electric flat roof windows has safety features to ensure the safety of anyone beneath the roof window. In this regard, there is no risk of glass falling into the room. As a standard feature, the VELUX electric flat roof window has flat double glazing that includes a laminated pane to improve safety. Additionally, the outer pane is toughened to ensure durability and resilience.

The electric roof windows are designed with the best quality glass material to minimize the risk of breakage. The windows have an incredibly robust build with excellent protection against vandalism and intrusion. The design of the roof light includes a secure fixing assembly that effectively deters potential intruders.

Are you looking for VELUX electric flat roof windows in Singapore? At Terreal, our focus is on our customers, and we’re ready to work with their budget or any unique preference. Our dedicated sales team will help you select the best skylight for your property in Singapore or provide informed advice on installing and maintaining it.

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