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Electric Skylight Window Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Essential features of Velux Electric Skylight Window

Skylight windows have been increasingly adopted in Singapore and beyond to deliver natural light, warmth, and a unique look to a home or commercial building. Besides the circulation benefits, users also achieve a new feeling of openness and more design possibilities. Remote control capabilities enable users to open and close seamlessly from the comfort of a couch.

VELUX electric skylight windows are certified to the highest standards in the world. The electric skylights are ideal for applications where access to run wiring is possible. However, for customers who don’t have access to wire the products, consider a VELUX solar-powered skylight instead. Ultimately, the models provide a convenient solution to increase light in your working or living spaces and have access to fresh air as you desire.

High-Quality Finish

The VELUX electric skylight window is well-designed with factory-pre-finished stylish frames and sashes. When you install the VELUX electric skylight window, there is no need for secondary high-cost trips by a painter. The visually appealing window blends well with various architectural styles.

High performance

The highly rated VELUX skylights are durable and high-performance products. They help maintain optimal comfort levels in varying Singaporean seasons. The low-E glazing offers a high heat block, thus enhancing energy efficiency and comfort. The skylights are proven and tested to protect against UV fading of various furnishings.
Blind Installations

VELUX electric skylight windows allow various accessories, such as blinds, to complement the skylight windows. VELUX blinds are excellent for regulating daylight and transforming your skylight and rooms. Customers can choose from many beautiful designs tailor-made for VELUX models. The blinds can be fitted quickly and easily, with the entire process taking less than an hour.

Rain Sensor

The rain sensor capability is one of the best parts of using innovative VELUX skylights.

At the first sign of rain, the VELUX electric skylight window will close automatically while the ventilation flap stays open and ventilates the interiors. Electric skylight window with rain sensor is especially useful for regions such as Singapore that experience prolonged showers.

VELUX solar-powered and electric roof windows are compatible with the VELUX ACTIVE kit, which is sold separately. With the innovative kit, users can automate their skylights depending on desired levels for CO2, humidity, temperature, and online weather forecasts. In addition, you can control your skylight window directly from your smartphone.

Varying Sizes

VELUX electric skylight windows are available in varying size ranges. We recommend working with roofing experts such as the Terreal team to help you make a more informed decision regarding the ideal window size for your space. Not sure about roof window sizes? The VELUX roofing sizes chart will help you choose a suitable model for your project.

Laminated Glazing

The laminated glazing in the window design enhances safety and provides added protection. The inner pane is laminated to ensure durability and minimize the risk of breakage. In addition to its safety benefits, laminated glazing offers improved noise reduction.

The outer pane measuring is toughened and features a low-E coating to enhance energy efficiency. Furthermore, the window is equipped with a clear and clean coating that helps keep the windows clean for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Best Deals on Skylights

For further advice and insight regarding VELUX electric skylight windows and other products for the Singaporean market, feel free to speak to our dedicated sales team. Terreal offers a variety of designs and styles that are perfect for modern interiors in Singapore. Our prices are competitive, so you don’t have to break the bank!

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