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Envelope Design Roof Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Envelope Design Roof Singapore

For many decades, Terreal has been a key player in the roofing industry. Our factories are situated in key locations around the globe. Based on our unique experience, Terreal offers innovative and highly engineered products for envelope design roofing solutions. Terreal envelope design roofs have revolutionized the roofing industry.

Our new state of the art factory, the Kluang 3, is a touch of genius. The factory is equipped with the latest machinery and production capabilities. With Kluang 3, Terreal aims to meet the ever growing demand for roofing tiles with enhanced efficiency and quality assurance.

Our enviable customer base has continuously trusted Terreal to offer complete roof solutions that marry technical performance with long-lasting beauty. Terreal envelope design roofs are ideal for bold contemporary roof designs and traditional roofs that blend in with local styles and heritage.

Under our exclusive flat profile, Terreal has an enviable choice of envelope design roof tiles to suit every style and tradition. Volnay Pv is the epitome of elegance and reliability. The envelope design roof has set a new standard among large interlocking tiles in the market. Volnay Pv offers unrivaled robustness and an excellent water tightness.

The flat roof allows for a minimum Pitch of 25° in envelope design roofs. Terreal designed Volany Pv with a fine and elegant beveled nose, besides graceful lines to enhance the modern and contemporary ”feel” of the envelope design roof it covers. Volnay Pv is designed with double interlocking double Laps.

The envelope design roof tiles come in six rich and authentic colors. The large flat format of Volany Pv makes it a suitable choice for envelope roof designs. Volnay Pv’s variable gauge and side play enables fast and easy laying on new envelope roof design projects or renovation works.

On the other hand, Zen tile series are produced with state of the art machine press system. The tiles have superior strength, thus helping achieve long-lasting envelope design roofs. Terreal Zen tile series enable minimal breakage and chipping during transport and installation.

With our Zen tile series, Terreal offers unique double interlocking and double overlapping system, Double water channel with weather rib at its top, and a double elevated nail hole for perfect fixing.

Our comprehensive range of roofing components and fittings offer maximum compatibility with envelope roof designs. Terreal designs the components to ensure easy installation, perfect water tightness, and highly aesthetics finishing.

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