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Transforming Your Building’s Exterior Cladding with Terracotta

Looking to enhance the exterior of your commercial or residential building? Cladding your building with terracotta material is a highly recommended way to transform your property’s exterior, increase its appeal from outside, besides raising is value. For many years, Terreal has created innovative solutions for the building envelope. Our clay building materials have been widely adopted for roofing, structure, and cladding-decoration.

Exterior cladding is an essential aspect of building strategy in contemporary buildings. Customers want the best of the best building systems with regards to air-tightness, heat and mechanical performance, productivity, and safe installation. Terracotta has been widely adopted across the world, especially due to its unmatched rich qualities as a building material. The age-old material boasts a variety of choices, besides rich and long-lasting designs.

Cladding using terracotta offers a lasting solution to protect, isolate and magnify building facades. Terracotta cladding, painted with the right finishes creates a modern exterior, besides adding a practical weatherproofing guard. It is critical that exterior systems are lightweight, thus allowing easy and rapid fixing. Through the use of terracotta, designers have access to a comprehensive range of colors and finishes. For many years, building owners have utilized the natural qualities of terracotta to achieve exciting new internal and external environments.

Reputable industry players such as Terreal have been at the forefront in upholding innovation and excellence. Consequently, customers benefit from utmost quality and performance in emerging cladding systems. Terreal cladding products are well built for those who envision innovative facades that immediately stand out from the rest. With emerging innovative formats, sizes or finishes, terracotta cladding is opening new areas in modern architectural design.

A comprehensive range of terracotta decorative products are available to complement the exterior cladding. You can use terracotta decorative solutions to add a warm and harmonious touch in both your building’s interior and exterior. With us, there is plenty to choose from in order to create a unique, appealing exterior cladding for every type of building, whether residential or commercial. A multitude of custom-made accessories is available depending on your specific exterior needs.

Advancement in technology has led to a huge collection of exterior cladding with a rich color range of standard reference. Suitable exterior cladding should match the architectural design of the building. A facade with a well-ventilated exterior cladding offers a suitable way to achieve aesthetically ideal and modern architecture. Terreal offers a comprehensive Terracotta line that is adapted to individual specifications and is tailored to the specific wishes of customers. Contact us today for a deeper insight into our cost-effective solutions.

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