Anti-heat blinds and shutters
VELUX exterior sunscreens effectively stop outside heat and protect your home from overheating.

Anti-heat blackout shutter
VELUX anti-heat blackout shutters offer the best in heat protection, blackout and winter insulation. They're ideal for bedrooms. Hard aluminium shield.

Anti-heat blackout blind
VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds provide great protection against heat. You can also use these soft shutters to blackout bedrooms. Durable light-tight polyester fabric.

Anti-heat blinds
The VELUX anti-heat blinds provide good heat protection, preserve your view and reduce glare. Ideal for living rooms and home offices. Transparent mesh fabric.

Anti-heat blinds for flat roof windows
This anti-heat blind for flat roof windows provides heat protection and dims lights.

Anti-heat blinds for new generation flat roof windows
The VELUX anti-heat blind for the new generation glass roof lights provides heat protection and dim lights.