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Facing Bricks Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand

The Ins And Outs of Facing Bricks

With recent advancements in building technology, innovative companies such as Terreal have been able to develop and animate a new range of facing and insulating bricks. There is an increasing demand for quality facing bricks that meet the needs of contemporary architectural designs. Facing bricks utilize the protective and seductive properties of clay, with plenty of shape and colors available to customize your facades.

Brick is a warm and authentic product with diverse building applications. The product has significantly evolved over the last couple of decades. Facing bricks comprise of natural ingredients and are thus environmentally friendly. With a lifespan of as much as 100 years, facing bricks are a favorite solution for strong and stylish facades. They require minimal maintenance or refreshing, and are thus sustainable building materials.

When it comes to contemporary building projects, innovative facing bricks have been introduced with modern architectural design elements. Terracotta facing bricks require zero maintenance or refinishing, making them sustainable for commercial and residential applications. Customers want long-lasting value, besides consistent design quality.

Facing bricks are installed on the external facade of a building, and are thus exposed. Suitable materials should meet fundamental architectural requirements such as form, finish, and function in order to be perfect serve their purpose on external faces. Terreal offers a myriad of carefully selected facing bricks that are well designed for performance. With us, you can choose between a comprehensive range of shapes, sizes, and dimensions. With the right facing bricks, your building achieves a unique and stylish exterior.

For building owners, the outside facade is essential, especially when it comes to appearance. Since facing breaks are primarily used on exposed surfaces, the aesthetic benefits are very critical. Suitable facing bricks are durable, besides appropriately weatherproofing your residential or commercial property. Working with the right professionals enables to match up to what you need.

Terreal has a wealth of experience in developing new terracotta technology and techniques. The company has helped achieve new possibilities for architects, designers, and building owners. With us, there is plenty of facing bricks to choose from, with each having distinct look and feel. The company has a dedicated team to offer support throughout the life of your project. We work closely with our customers to ensure our building solutions are tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

When it comes to facing bricks, the technical team is deeply involved in each stage of development and production. Our technical know-how is excellent; you can rely on us for informed advice regarding various aspects relating to Terracotta solutions. Feel free to contact us today for a deeper insight into our products and services.

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