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Fixed Roof Windows Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Velux Fixed Roof Windows
Fixed Roof Windows 101

Fixed roof windows are commonly installed in difficult-to-access areas such as hallways, attics, and stairwells. VELUX fixed roof windows, in particular, have the power to transform various rooms, giving them a distinctive and exceptional character. In addition, they have functional benefits in enhancing natural illumination and energy efficiency.

VELUX fixed roof windows are available in a diverse range of sizes and features. In this regard, the roof windows can cater to a variety of applications. The skylights are well-designed with premium quality pre-finished white wood frames and are protected by copper or aluminum cladding, ensuring utmost durability and longevity. The smooth, low-profile design is very stylish and  the skylight does not obstruct the roofline.

Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

Fixed roof windows can significantly minimize energy bills through being a natural source of light and fresh air, thus less need for electricity, especially during the daytime. With VELUX fixed roof windows, property owners can enjoy natural daylight without hitting the light switch. In the long run, fixed-roof windows are a great way to minimize the cost of electricity and air-conditioning in your home or office.

VELUX products are synonymous with providing many benefits at a fraction of the price you would expect. The VELUX fixed roofs have premium-quality laminated glass that does not fade or discolour over time, even under extreme weather conditions. Maintenance-free heavy-gauge aluminium frame withstands the extremes of the Singaporean climate.

Make Your Building Healthier

Research has shown that people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors. VELUX fixed roof windows help increase daylight in spaces, which has been proven to enhance people’s moods and promote general well-being. The skylights work wonders in helping improve comfort in your building. As part of their design, VELUX fixed roof has a Low-E glazing that provides heat block for comfort and protection against UV fading of furnishings.

More space in your rooms

VELUX fixed roof windows have helped homeowners and designers to open up a whole new world of design opportunities. Traditional wall windows take up a lot of wall space in your spaces, ultimately limiting creative options. Fixed roof windows are an excellent way to make use of your “5th wall” while enjoying the benefits of natural light.

It’s worth mentioning that VELUX fixed-roof windows can be installed in many rooms in both residential and commercial buildings, providing the opportunity to transform the tone of your property. With many models available, it’s easy to find the best skylight that matches your tastes and preferences.

As leading roofing experts, Terreal stocks premium quality VELUX fixed roof windows ideal for Singapore homes and commercial buildings. We supply various parts and accessories that help clients adapt and enhance the built-in features of their roof windows. Additionally, our assortment includes various sizes and styles of flashing to complete the installation process seamlessly. Contact our team today for additional information regarding our products and services.

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