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Glossy Roof Tiles Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Glossy Roof Tiles

Terreal glossy roof tiles are a viable investment to give your home that exclusive beauty. Our glossy roof tiles are aesthetically superior. Individual color and style selections for glossy roof tiles can create an impression or make a statement that will help your roof stand out, or alternatively blend in with the existing streetscape. Terreal offers a wide range of color choices and finishes for glossy roof tiles to achieve the desired roofing effect. Working with the right roofing professionals is critical for permanent unfading colour in your roof.

Our glossy tiles are in accordance with local and international standards. Terreal tiles have a 10 years warranty that will give you full quality assurance. Our comprehensive range of roofing components and fittings are compatible with glossy roof tiles. Terreal DryFix™ is a versatile self-adhesive waterproof membrane that adheres to different substrates, including glossy roof tiles. Glossy roof tiles give a polished contemporary look to your roof.

Terreal provides complete roofing solutions to achieve Glossy roof tiles that marry performance with long-lived beauty. The company has modern production sites in strategic locations around the world. Terreal offers an enviable choice of Glossy roof tiles to suit customers’ styles and tradition. Our large production facilities ensure that the company produces one of the most comprehensive profiles of Glossy roof tiles. It is essential that customers make a suitable choice from a large selection of colours and finishes of different Glossy roof tiles.

Working with the right professionals helps in achieving the right aesthetics for your roof. However, choices regarding colours and finishes should ultimately come down to personal preference. Terreal recommends a roof pitch of 22 to 35 degrees, depending on the exposure to wind and rain of your roof.

Roof pitches also vary depending on whether you are using underlay or not. Roofing experts strongly recommend underlay for tropical climate. A proper pitch for your Glossy tiles optimizes the flow of water and enhances water-proofness of the roof. It also enables visualizing of the roof from ground level.

Proper installation of Glossy roof tiles is essential for the long-lived performance of your roof system. Poor quality installation leads to damages to the underlying structures of the tiles, leading to leaks. Working with proficient roofing professionals is critical to the customized approach for your roofing needs.

Terreal has complete accessories that are tailored to enhance the roof finishing of your Glossy roof tiles. Glossy roof tiles are the roofing materials of choice for those seeking high-end housing and quality.

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