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Heritage Roof Tiles Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Heritage Roof Tiles Singapore

Terreal is one of the key players in the heritage roof tiles market. We have made a name for ourselves as a formidable roofing tiles manufacturer. Terreal has a wealth of experience and plants situated in strategic areas around the globe. Under our prestigious brand, Terreal offers a wide range of tiles in the heritage profile to satisfy the ever-growing demand for the roofing tiles.

Marseille heritage roofs are elegant and reliable, setting a new standard among other heritage roof tiles in the market. The heritage roof offers excellent robustness and water tightness. Marseille offers easy installation, thus ensuring a quick turnaround of your roofing project.

The Peranakan 8 completely changed the game in the heritage roof tiles market. The heritage roof offers security and easy laying similar to a contemporary model while preserving the traditional V concept. Peranakan 8 has been designed with innovative features, ultimately reducing the number of joints and significantly cutting down installation time. The heritage roof has a comprehensive range of weathered tones to achieve that tropical resort charm.

Peranakan 8 heritage roof has a unique and exquisite design, thus enhancing your building aesthetics. In line with historic restoration projects, Peranakan V heritage roofs tiles capture the essence of our heritage architecture. The heritage roof is highly recommended by designers and architects alike, especially for restoration projects. Peranakan V heritage roofs have a self-interlocking design.

Both Peranakan V and Peranakan 8 have considerably lesser overlap compared to other tiles. The heritage tiles thus reduce the number of joints, besides minimizing material cost. Terreal heritage roofs require minimal maintenance or refinishing, making them the ultimate sustainable roofing tiles. Our tiles have been widely adopted around the globe, proving their long-lasting and durability attributes. Terreal heritage roofs have a unique profile that prevents tiles from sliding down. It is critical that your heritage roofs of choice are resistant to wind uplift. Our heritage roofs ensure proper ventilation, thus enhancing the longevity of your complete roof system.

Terreal offers a wide range of fittings and roofing components that provide easy installation of heritage tiles. The roofing components are compatible with all the Terreal roof tiles, including heritage tiles. Our heritage roofs are designed to ensure long-lived roof performance and withstand the harshest weather conditions. Terreal has consistently upheld environmental conservation efforts.

We utilize a process that reduces, reuses and recycles during the manufacture of heritage tiles. Our heritage tiles are well designed to ensure easy future maintenance. Terreal heritage roof tiles are aesthetically pleasing and are always a viable investment for your building.

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