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Interlocking Roof Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Interlocking Roof

Modern Interlocking Tiles from Terreal offer high-performance roofing solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Our Flat profile interlocking roof tiles have been globally adopted by architects and designers alike. Terreal has adopted an innovative culture and state of the art machinery to revolutionize the roofing industry.

Terreal is one of the major players in the large flat interlocking roof tiles market. Volnay Pv from Terreal is highly reliable and enhances elegance in your architecture. Volnay Pv interlocking roof tile offers uttermost water tightness and robustness. The interlocking roof tile has a variable gauge and side play that allows for easy installation and maintenance. Terreal’s Volnay Pv has a large flat format. Clients can choose from six rich and authentic colors. Volnay PV has a fine and elegant beveled nose. The interlocking roof tile has graceful lines that enhance a modern and contemporary ”feel” of roofs.

On the other hand, Zen tiles have superior strength compared to conventional flat tiles. The interlocking roof tiles guarantee minimal breakage and chipping during transport and installation. Zen tile series is manufactured with an innovative machine-press system.

Zen tiles from Terreal offer unique double interlocking and double overlapping system. The interlocking roof tile also provides double water channel with weather rib at its top, besides a double elevated nail hole to ensure perfect fixing.

Terreal’s zen tile series is a highly engineered and innovative solution for flat interlocking roof designs. Engineered to perfection, the zen tile series is unrivaled in enhancing roofing aesthetics. Terreal upholds high precision dimension stability and compactness in the design and manufacture of interlocking roof tiles. Zen tile series offers revolutionary landscape orientation, a premium finish, and unique smooth surface. It is the ultimate flat roof tile for modern architecture.

The beauty of interlocking roof tiles makes them the perfect roofing solution for minimalist design and modern architecture. With excellent covering capacity, interlocking roof tiles from Terreal promote long-lasting beauty for your home and business premises.

Terreal offers a comprehensive set of modern fittings and components that are compatible with interlocking roof tiles. The fittings and components provide easy installation and guarantee long-lived roof performance under most severe weather conditions.

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