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Kitchen Roof Window Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Transform Your Kitchen with VELUX Kitchen Roof Windows

VELUX kitchen roof windows are a masterful way to increase natural light in a kitchen area. They can add a dramatic and aesthetically pleasing touch to your kitchen in Singapore. Beyond enhancing a kitchen’s aesthetic, VELUX kitchen roof windows have profound benefits to the overall home décor.

VELUX roof windows are an excellent way to transform your kitchen. They have been increasingly used to enhance the aesthetics of kitchens in Singapore, giving them a modernized look. The roof windows can make a kitchen feel more spacious, allowing more natural light to come in and seamlessly connecting the indoors with the outdoors.

VELUX kitchen roof windows add architectural interest from inside and outside the house. The VELUX models are ideal for both traditional and contemporary home styles.

They can suit various interiors and complement the existing home decor.

Increase natural light in your kitchen

Kitchen roof windows enable you to increase natural light in your kitchen. Exposure to natural light influences mood and productivity whenever you are in the kitchen. Natural light has been proven to minimize anxiety, diminish stress levels, and reduce the chances of developing nearsightedness. It minimizes feelings of fatigue or stress while performing daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning the kitchen.

Air ventilation

As much as roof windows in the kitchen area are great architectural features for homes in Singapore, they also have many functional benefits, such as enhancing air ventilation. Vented kitchen roof windows are excellent for kitchen areas to provide an airflow channel for odors, smoke, and humidity.

Increase Resale value

VELUX kitchen roof windows are designed to increase your property’s value, and many clients actually view the products as a premium, luxury amenity. It’s worth mentioning that natural light is a big consideration for many real estate buyers today. In this regard, adding VELUX kitchen roof windows is a great investment for any property owner in Singapore.

Provide Better Privacy

Traditional kitchen windows are a source of natural light in the kitchen, but they can compromise privacy. People can look inside your home whenever your windows are open. Considering that kitchen roof windows are installed on the roof, you can increase natural light in your kitchen and other spaces without compromising your home’s privacy. Besides kitchen areas, roof windows can also be ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas where privacy is essential. VELUX roof windows are impact-rated to provide unmatched safety and security.

Selecting A Skylight or Roof Window for Your Kitchen

Here are some aspects to contemplate when deciding on the ideal kitchen roof window for your home:

Glazing: The material utilized for the roof window frame is a significant consideration. Plastic is a cost-effective option but prone to discoloration and brittleness. Glass glazing, albeit pricier, offers greater durability and longevity.

Energy Efficiency: Assess the UV blockage rating, as a higher percentage signifies reduced UV light penetration. The R-Value indicates insulation and heat resistance, while the U-value indicates the skylight’s heat flow rate. Opt for a lower U-value to minimize heat transfer.

Solar-powered skylight blinds: Roof windows are typically out-of-reach. As much as this is good for aesthetics, a major drawback is reduced practicality in adjusting them to suit your needs. Solar-powered skylight blinds are an excellent option for those who want the utmost functionality and convenience. The roof window solutions have an internal motor, so the blinds can be controlled using a remote.

If you are looking for a kitchen roof window for your kitchen in Singapore, contact Terreal for the best deals. With us, you can find the right VELUX for your project and budget and transform your home into a lighter, healthier space.

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