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Kitchen Skylight Windows Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Revitalize Your Kitchen: The Beauty and Functionality of VELUX Skylight Windows

Kitchen skylight windows are crucial in a kitchen environment where good lighting is needed for tasks such as cooking and food preparation. Also, kitchen skylight windows provide natural ventilation, which is essential in a kitchen environment where odors, steam, and heat can build up quickly. A quality kitchen skylight window can help to improve air circulation, prevent condensation, and reduce the need for mechanical ventilation systems.

Enjoy the benefits of improved natural lighting and ventilation in your home with the VELUX kitchen skylight windows. The innovative product helps create a brighter and more welcoming environment. Various sizes are available for this window type, allowing you to choose the appropriate size for your kitchen. This means you can select a larger window for a bigger kitchen or multiple smaller windows to distribute more light and enhance the airflow.

Additionally, you can choose between manual, electric, or solar-powered options to suit your preferences. The standard roof window is ideal for pitches ranging from 15° to 90°. The product is typically made from durable and weather-resistant materials. In this regard, it can withstand the harsh environmental conditions that kitchen roofs may be exposed to.

The VELUX standard roof window is available in comfort and basic solution. The comfort solution is ideal for those who want a kitchen skylight window with maximum convenience and comfort. This solution features a solar-powered window with an integrated rain sensor that automatically closes the window in case of rain. It also has double glazing and a white seamless waterproof coating for increased energy performance.

On the other hand, the basic solution is suitable for those who prioritize natural daylight and ventilation in their kitchens. It features a manual roof window with double glazing and a white painted finish. Both comfort and basic solutions offer benefits and features for varying needs and preferences, so clients must consider their priorities and make informed decisions.

Curved Glass Rooflight

Due to its features, the VELUX curved glass roof light is a suitable option for a kitchen skylight window. Firstly, the unique curved-shaped glass top of the roof light allows rainwater to easily drain off the surface, preventing any potential leaks or water damage in the kitchen.

This means that the skylight can remain open during rainfall, providing ventilation and fresh air to the kitchen without any risk of water entering the room. Also, the skylight window has a slim frame and invisible sash design, maximizing the daylight that can enter the kitchen, thus making it brighter and more welcoming. This is particularly important in a busy kitchen where good lighting is crucial.

The VELUX curved glass roof light comes with 2-layer or 3-layer glazing, significantly boosting your kitchen’s energy performance. Also, the layer glazing reduces external noise, which is essential in a kitchen where noise from outside can be a distraction or nuisance.

Are you looking for kitchen skylight windows in Singapore? With us, clients can have peace of mind knowing they are working with a reputable company that prioritizes their needs and delivers exceptional products and services. Terreal offers a wide range of designs, sizes, and finishes to match your kitchen’s style and requirements.

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