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Land of Communities

Construction currently accounts for around 40% of all energy conTERREAL’s local presence requires a trusting relationship and constant engagement with all local stakeholders, whether staff, customers, end users, associations, local authorities or institutions. On a day-to-day basis, TERREAL is committed to training and to creating jobs in rural areas, to supporting cultural and social initiatives, to preserving heritage and to protecting biodiversity.

Developing and protecting our rich heritage

The richness of our landscapes is expressed through their specific architectural characteristics, which shape the identity of the communities. The roof, which is the fifth facade of a building, is a key aspect of it and immediately reflects the architectural style of the region. Interlocking tiles, barrel tiles, plain tiles, there are over 60 models of tile in around 100 colors, to perpetuate local traditions. Tiles also inspire modern architects to reinvent contemporary roofs and trends and to imagine the roofs of tomorrow.

Contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of communities

TERREAL gets involved in its role as a local stakeholder at multiple levels

On a social and economic level, TERREAL is a member of the “100 opportunities, 100 jobs” network, which contributes to promoting access to employment for young people living in underprivileged urban areas.

On a social and cultural level, having supported the Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France for over ten years, we promote construction education through a combination of sponsorship initiatives, product donations and the payment of a portion of our statutory apprenticeship tax to the relevant training body.

Experts committed to knowledge transfer

Three experts from our customer service department have been training young people throughout the year in the techniques and expertise of roofers and masons. These transfers of skills and products to CFAs, Compagnons, AFPA, Trades Olympics, etc., place value on professional training and excellence.

Engaging with our stakeholders

“Terre & Communes” Meetings

These events – which TERREAL has held every other year since 2011 – are aimed at elected representatives in the municipalities in which TERREAL operates. Their purpose is to build relationships and to foster an environment conducive to developing projects with mayors and elected representatives in areas where we play a key role in the local economy. The meetings are an opportunity to take stock of TERREAL’s engagement as a partner to the public sector, highlighting the investments needed to protect the environment or sustainable city projects to be implemented.

The Local Consultation and Monitoring Committees

Above and beyond any regulatory requirement, TERREAL has established Local Consultation and Monitoring Committees (known in French as Comités Locaux de Concertation et de Suivi or CLCS). These annual or multi-annual events are open to elected representatives, local authorities, the DREAL (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing), associations and local residents.