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Land of Innovation

Construction currently accounts for around 40% of all energy consumption in France and nearly 20% of CO2 emissions. At the dawn of the 21st century, housing is at the heart of major transformations. As part of its corporate mission, TERREAL contributes to the development of healthy and sustainable housing.

Our major areas of responsible innovation

Developing ranges of products and services that :

  • contribute to improving energy efficiency and reducing the carbon impact of houses;
  • allow the preservation of the identity and heritage of our regions;
  • allow our customers to work safely and protect their health.
Ecodesign as standard
TERREAL applies a checklist including multiple CSR eco-design criteria to any product development or evolution, both in France and internationally.
Improving quality and customer satisfaction

Using a rigorous and proactive Quality system, TERREAL is aiming to become better at listening to its customers, reduce dissatisfaction and consolidate production control. The development of a common operating procedure enables us to focus our efforts on three priorities:

  • Improving how we measure complaints
  • Reducing quality deficiencies
  • Preventing quality deficiencies

Customer satisfaction measurement is a key indicator of our performance. Our approach is based on assessments of products and services carried out at various stages of the life cycle of our solutions.

Training, informing and supporting our customers

A benchmark of quality and reliability, a large proportion of our products are also ATec/ATEx or QB (quality for building) certified by the French Scientific and Technical Center for Building. Our commitment also focuses on customer prevention, which involves providing safety recommendations for our solar products at the project planning stage.

Inform, certify, prevent

TERREAL is committed to transparency, making all data relating to its products accessible. Product performance complies with the most stringent certifications and ensures compliance with national, European and international standards (NF standards, CE markings, etc.). The majority of our products are also subject to an environmental product declaration (EPD).

Developing training across the board

Through its Technical and Customer Support Service, TERREAL supports its customers in developing further skills. The training courses we provide on implementation lead to qualifications. For example, the modules devoted to solar products (Solar Roof Offer) and to the Califix construction system, for which certification is awarded upon completion. TERREAL also holds technical information sessions aimed at developers and builders, in addition to traders.

Maintaining responsible relationships with our suppliers and complying with fair practices

A responsible purchasing policy

TERREAL strives to build sustainable relationships with its suppliers, a commitment that benefits everyone since it also contributes to the development of partnerships while promoting the sharing of expertise. It is also a way of fostering sustainable relationships, with positive impacts in terms of quality, total cost and the environment.

Ethics in practice!

Compliance means enabling each employee to contribute to the economic development of the Group within an ethical framework that respects the laws and our core values, and ensuring that the same is true for all parties with whom we interact. To instil this confidence, the Group adopted a Code of Conduct in 2019.

Committing to sustainable housing with solar energy
Housing is being reinvented, it is smarter, it is becoming active and it is producing energy. Faced with these major changes, we have been working to guide and support professionals though this technological shift thanks to our knowledge of the roofing market and our capacity for innovation. Ever closer to our customers, we support them to help them discover, step by step, intelligent roofing solutions that are simple to install and easy to use. Our know-how is now at the intersection between solar development and roof renovation. We are convinced that our partners, roofing companies and builders, must not lose their specialist position in the roofing sector.