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Land of People

As we are committed to the transmission and sharing of common values, People are at the very heart of our concerns. Our employees are our primary asset and we act daily to guarantee them a suitable and healthy working environment

Ensuring everyone’s health and safety
The health and safety of our employees, and of visitors and external workers on our sites, remains the Group’s top priority. At the instigation of its CEO Laurent Musy, TERREAL has taken action to reduce the Group TRIR to below 3 by 2021. This ambitious target has led to investment with a view to ensuring plant safety, while improving prevention measures and training for employees. Our focus is on two main objectives: the reduction of major risks in plants and changing safety behaviors.
Corinne Feres, Group HSE Coordinator
“When the Covid-19 crisis hit our industry hard in March 2020, all of TERREAL’s departments were fully committed to resume production and provide the best possible service to our customers, while guaranteeing the health safety of all our employees.”
Fighting against 3 major risks
Working at heights, work on machinery and pedestrian/machine traffic have been the focus of numerous initiatives designed to reduce these potentially serious risks in our sector of activity.
Reinforcing the safety culture
Prevention, awareness-raising and training remain key levers for fostering a culture of safety among all Group employees.

In recent years, TERREAL has put increasing emphasis on prevention on the ground by relying on various initiatives:

  • Management Safety Visits
  • Safety Quarter-Hours
  • The launch of “Roles and Responsibilities” and “Manager Leadership” training sessions

As a continuation of the actions conducted in plants, the commercial divisions and the other entities within the Group have also adopted safety programs focused mainly on road safety risks.

Developing skills

In a context of increasing competition and technical and technological changes, TERREAL is committed to developing human capital. To boost the skills and employability of its employees, training programs leading to certification or a qualification have been introduced. These measures are aimed at the strengthening and long-term consolidation of know-how, whether from a technical or managerial point of view

Our know-how is invaluable and we need to encourage its transmission to secure the future of our company. TERREAL encourages all employees to train daily to advance their skills.

Focus on 4 key elements :

  •  Certification training courses: the example of the CQP

Four training courses tailored specifically to our trades lead to a professional qualification certificate recognized by the Fédération Française des Tuiles et Briques (French Federation of Tile and Brick Manufacturers).

  •  The Management School

This comprehensive, 9-month professional training pathway forms part of our continuous development process, enabling site workers and technicians to become the supervisors of the future by teaching them the fundamentals of management and project management.

  •  The “Business Performance” training course

Developed in partnership with NEOMA Business School, this course is aimed at our sales representatives, enabling them to acquire method and practice (in terms of both marketing and business negotiation) to better understand and analyze their sector.

  •  Green Belt Training Courses

These trainings are designed for those leading improvement projects that fall under our “BoosTER” operational excellence program. The certificate awarded to those who completed the course is recognized in the “World Class Manufacturing” industrial sector and helps to enhance their employability

Promoting diversity and equality

Ensuring diversity and equality in the workplace lies at the heart of our human resources policy.

Whether they take the form of collective agreements or commitments to partners and associations, our initiatives demonstrate our commitment to these drivers of transformation and progress.

  • Diversity and commitment to solidarity
  • Professional gender equality
  • Quality of social dialog

Workers with disabilities

TERREAL is committed to combating all forms of discrimination by promoting the integration and retention of people with disabilities. Wherever possible, we work with local stakeholders on adapting the workstations of our employees with recognized disabilities.

Professional gender equality

Committed to increasing the proportion of women in the industrial sector and its business lines, TERREAL is implementing a number of initiatives and promoting discussion on this issue.

For years now, TERREAL has been committed to promoting equality and reducing professional gender inequality. In 2020, the professional gender equality index was 87, the same level as in 2019. TERREAL obtained the highest score on 3 out of 5 indicators: individual pay-rise gap (20/20), promotions gap (15/15) and percentage of female employees receiving a pay rise after returning from maternity leave (15/15). Like most companies in our sector, TERREAL still needs to make progress on the number of women in the top 10 earners (0/10) and on the indicator measuring the pay gap (37/40).