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Mediterranean Roof Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Mediterranean Roof

The Terreal group has an enviable wealth of experience in the roofing industry and factory spread out across the globe. Terreal has revolutionized the roofing industry, offering exclusive Mediterranean roofs that marry technical performance with outstanding aesthetics. Terreal Mediterranean roofs are perfect for both bold contemporary roof designs and more traditional roofs that blend in with local styles and heritage.

Terreal is one of the formidable players in the Mediterranean roof market. Romane Evo is one of the most demanded roofing tiles under our Mediterranean profile. The Mediterranean roof has been in the market for many years, benefiting from all technological advances regarding design and manufacturing.

Romane Evo is a true classic and is highly recommended by roofing experts. The Mediterranean roof tile from Terreal has a proven reliability and is easy to install. Romane Evo comes in a comprehensive range of colors to suit your desired aesthetics. The roofing tiles perfectly cover both traditional homes and contemporary constructions.

Romane Origne from Terreal is very similar to Romane Evo. However, it has a more rustic and natural feel. You can be sure of top-notch quality and local adaptability. Romane XL has made the beauty of clay tiles and is much more affordable. The Mediterranean tile has an innovative design that is optimized to ensure easy and quick installation. Romane XL has a permanent finish that is long-lasting and will not fade over time.

Globally adopted, the Romane Canal offers unrivaled reliability with easy fixing capabilities and a comprehensive range of Terracotta accessories. Romane Canal perfectly covers typical Mediterranean roofs. With Romane Canal, Terreal designed roofing tiles that will withstand the test of time. The Mediterranean roof tile combines uttermost robustness, comprehensive range of colors and exclusive design.

Mediterranean tiles from Terreal are the epitome of sustainability. The roofing tiles offer superior solar and thermal reflectance. Mediterranean roofs are thus one of the most efficient Green roofs in the market. Mediterranean roofs offer impeccable natural insulation and ventilation, enhancing the natural flow of air. The roofing tiles are designed to last many years with zero maintenance or refinishing.

Terreal Mediterranean roofs are 100% natural, recyclable and made from locally sourced materials. Terreal has adopted a manufacturing process that reduces, reuses and recycles. We are very passionate about promoting global environmental conservation efforts. Our innovative and exclusive design protects the Mediterranean roof tiles from extreme weather conditions. The tiles are resistant to damage and disintegration.

Terreal also offers innovative systems for the rooftop installation of solar heating and electricity systems. Terreal installation systems and fittings offer maximum compatibility with our Mediterranean tiles. The product has helped us maintain a competitive edge in the market, keeping us one step ahead of future insulation and environmental regulations.

The product requires minimal labor for installation. An alignment system requires zero measurements to be made on the Mediterranean roof itself. Our clients have continuously trusted us to offer the best Mediterranean tiles in the market.

The roof tiles have a proven performance and durability attributes. The elegance, beauty, and tradition of Mediterranean roofs make them a viable investment for residential and commercial applications.

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