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Modern Wall Cladding Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Innovative Modern Wall Cladding Solutions from Terreal

Looking for natural materials for your modern wall cladding needs? Then terracotta is the right choice for you. True to our innovative technology, Terreal has over the years adopted the latest technology and techniques in building. In this regards, the company has reinvented Terracotta, transforming it into a highly versatile material that is ideal for modern architectural designs. The material has countless installation possibilities.

Terreal’s wall cladding solutions are tested and proven in creating unrivaled exteriors and interiors. Breeze® is one of the latest modern wall cladding solution from Terreal. The low-cost system is compact and extra slim 16mm). Breeze® has overlapping horizontal joints. Also, it has double skin rain screen of small dimension measuring (30 x 60cm module).

With its small format and minimal weight, Breeze® enables quick and straightforward installation. Also, it offers excellent protection from external conditions, with excellent water and wind resistance. Breeze® as a modern wall cladding solution offers utmost thermal efficiency and thus a high energy performance envelope.

Piterak® Slim is another quality wall cladding system from Terreal. It is a large size and economical terracotta cladding system. Piterak® Slim is characterized by overlapping horizontal joints. It is tough with high ratings for impact resistance. In this regards, the modern wall cladding system can be used at the ground level in both private and public spaces.

Zephir® Evolution, another cost-effective wall cladding solution from Terreal is placed on horizontal rails. The impressive length of Zephir® Evolution emphasizes its modern and linear look. It is ideal for both horizontal and vertical installation. Zephir® Evolution is highly recommended for renovation works, especially due to its high flexibility.

Architectures and designers alike prefer Terracotta for modern wall cladding, especially due to the expressive possibilities of the material, complemented by superior technical performance. When it comes to wall cladding, Terracotta has an excellent ability to accommodate all types of buildings, both residential and commercial. The material allows optimized calibration, thus simple and faster installation.

Terracotta embodies excellent thermal and structural performance. The authenticity of the natural material cannot be overstated. Buildings with terracotta modern wall cladding have high thermal comfort, especially due to terracotta’s thermal inertia. Customers want a modern wall cladding material that is long lasting and will provide utmost value for many decades. Terracotta offers high sustainability with minimal maintenance required. It is also frost resistant.

The aesthetic benefits of terracotta cannot be overstated. The wall cladding material helps achieve an unmistakable vibrancy to the facades. A range of trendy colors and finishes are available to suit varying customer needs and requirements. Also, a comprehensive range of sizes and shapes are available based on the nature of your structure. Suitable modern wall cladding materials should match with the rest of the architectural design.

Looking for modern wall cladding solutions that are tailored to your specific needs? Contact us today for cost-effective solutions. We provide personalized services to ensure customer satisfaction.

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