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Opening Flat Roof Windows Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand

VELUX Opening Flat Roof Windows

How To Clean VELUX Opening Flat Roof Windows

VELUX opening flat roof windows help deliver natural light, comfort, and a unique look to a home or commercial premises. The skylights typically last for more than a decade. That being said, proper installation, prompt repairs, and regular cleaning of debris around the flat roof window will help maximize the skylight’s lifespan.

With their flat positions on the roof, flat roof windows collect dirt and debris faster than pitched roof windows and wall windows. The only way to clean a skylight’s exterior is by accessing and cleaning it from the roof or ceiling. As much as their positioning may seem awkward for cleaning, cleaning roof windows is really simple if you can reach them.

Using the right techniques for cleaning flat roof windows and other skylights will save you much time and effort. Let’s explore some actionable ways to clean and maintain your VELUX opening flat roof windows.

1)The first step in cleaning your opening flat roof window is to access the roof area. If you are climbing using a ladder, make sure it’s sturdy to avoid accidents. If there is a high fall risk, we recommend hiring a professional window cleaner to get the job done.

2)Eliminate Any Debris

After accessing the opening flat roof window, remove any debris, such as dirt and fallen leaves. You can effectively do it with your bare hands or gloves. It’s essential to check the flashing as dirt accumulates there a lot. Debris, such as leaves, should be removed from the flashing around the flat roof window a few times yearly to enable rainwater to flow freely.

3)Clean the inner and outer pane

Rotate it to clean the inner and outer pane because it’s an opening roof window.

4) Remove and clean the air filter

Remove the air filter from the window and clean it using a clean cloth and soapy water. Is your filter looking worn out? Then we highly recommend you replace it. At Terreal , we stock air filters as part of our maintenance kits for roof windows in Singapore.

5) Clean the hinges

Next, ensure the window hinges are clear of dust and debris by wiping them with a cloth. This helps eliminate wear and tear on sliding parts. You don’t have to use water.

6) Clean the windowpane

Use a soft, non-abrasive sponge to clean the windowpane. You can use a washing liquid in case the windowpane is very dirty.

7) Use a squeegee to ensure no excess water

After washing your window, you want to eliminate excess water and prevent streaks.

8) Wipe the frame and handle

Finally, clean the frame and handle using a microfibre cloth. You can use pure water, or if it’s very dirty, add white vinegar spray. And that’s it! You’re VELUX opening flat roof window is now sparkling clean!

Mistakes To Avoid

There are some products and methods you should not use to clean your opening flat roof window. For example, abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. Also, avoid harsh cleaning agents such as solvents or bleach.

Excessive pressure, including steam cleaners, could damage your roof windows. Ultimately, use gentle, non-abrasive cleaning supplies to protect your VELUX windows.

Are You Looking to Install opening flat roof windows?

Increase the beauty, value, and energy efficiency of your building today. Terreal stocks a comprehensive range of VELUX skylight models and accessories. Schedule a consultation with our team for a personalized experience.

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