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Outdoor Cladding Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Outdoor Cladding

Outdoor cladding forms a layer of materials that protects a building from exterior elements such as weather and sound. This is a very essential element of contemporary buildings. It’s worth noting that exterior cladding is usually an assembly of materials as opposed to only one material. Each material has its benefits, especially when it comes to blocking external conditions. Terracotta has been widely adopted to offer innovative solutions in outdoor cladding. The material is excellent on adding some authentic appeal to your property.

Which Cladding Material Is Suitable For Your Home?

Material of choice for your outdoor cladding primarily depends on factors such as your budget, the look of nearby houses, and relevant local council laws. It’s worth noting that prices vary widely based on the intricacies of a specific project. Working with the right professionals helps achieve the finish you want, besides quick turnaround.

The color richness, low absorption and quality of Terracotta ensure the durability of the aesthetic, besides the technical properties of the external wall. Terreal terracotta is highly durable and is available in a wide range of colors. The outdoor cladding material is well designed with innovative features to provide utmost value for designers and building owners alike.

Different builders have varying preference in terms of architectural designs. Easy to design and install, our assortment offers unmatched exterior cladding solution that suits various project requirement. In many regions, changes to your building’s exterior are subject to certain regulations, thus the need to consult local authorities.

In majority of contemporary projects, building owners want long-lasting designer finishes that require minimal maintenance. With advancement in technology, custom fabrication is available depending on your specific needs and requirements. This has enhanced custom satisfaction, besides utmost value for building owners.


Terracotta is a cost-effective and lightweight solution for your cladding needs.

Outdoor cladding using Terracotta is ideal for contemporary homes, creating an appealing look and a low-maintenance finish. Cladding enhances your building’s insulation. Consequently, there is a comfortable environment within your building.

It is important that cladding creates thermal gaps that minimize heat conduction, thus regulating interior temperatures. Through insulation of the interior from the exterior, outdoor cladding protects your building from temperature extremes and variations. Through the use of quality outdoor cladding, the building’s structure and interiors are protected from unfavorable wind by the outdoor cladding.

Terreal is the supplier of choice for the best outdoor cladding solutions. With us, there is plenty to choose from in terms of colors, lengths or finishes. Contact us today for a customized package.

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