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Pitch Roof Solution Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Pitch Roof Solution

Terreal is a formidable player in the roofing industry and provides unrivaled roof pitch solutions to meet market needs. Each of Terreal roofs has varying roof pitch to suit specific customer requirements. We are fully equipped with modern machinery that provides highly efficient production capabilities. Our innovative culture and product development have helped Terreal consistently maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Romane Evo, one of the classic tiles from Terreal, offers a minimum roof pitch of 19° depending on location and wind speed. Terreal Romane Evo is easy to install and has proven reliability. With Romane Evo, you can be sure of utmost quality and local adaptability. Romane Evo is aesthetically superior with long-lasting color. The roofing tiles help achieve a stylish look for diverse roof pitches.

Zen tiles are manufactured using a state of the art machine-press system. The roofing tiles thus have superior strength compared to conventional flat tiles. This minimizes breakage and chipping, in spite of the roof pitch used in your building.

Terreal roof pitch solutions are compatible with our comprehensive range of components and fittings. Terreal Bird Stop permits airflow while preventing the entry of birds and vermin into the batten cavity. The comb adjusts to suit any pitch roof solution depending on the customer requirements. Bird Stop is designed with fixing slots to allow for easy fixing. The innovative product is lightweight and durable.

Terreal Bird Stop is made using a polypropylene material. During installation of Bird Stop, the product is either nailed on top of the fascia board or on the eave batten. The product thus works perfectly with the roof pitch solutions of choice.

Terreal Socket Sleeve is widely used to enhance the aesthetic and water tightness of your roof. The Socket Sleeve works perfectly with a wide range of roof pitch solutions. With no zinc or mortar required, the product is used on top of socket tile. Terreal Socket Sleeve is both lightweight and durable. The product minimizes flashing issues due to unsuitable flashing in different roof pitches.

Terreal DRY FLASH PREMIUM™ is a perfect solution for abutment, providing better and neat finishing. The product is made of aluminum with the highest degree of flexibility. DRY FLASH PREMIUM™ is thus compatible with different roof pitches. Terreal designed the product with continuous corrugation and multiple prefabricated bending lines.

Terreal flash Strip further boosts the compatibility of DRY FLASH PREMIUM™ with roof pitch solutions. It is made of clean colour bond zincalume. The high-quality material offers maximum resistance against extreme conditions. The product is easy to bend at the wall and is thus ideal for diverse roof pitch solutions.

SealMax from Terreal is suitable for use over a wide range of industrial bonding and sealing applications. The product provides a strong and durable bond. SealMax has a proven high performance, regardless of the customer roof pitch solutions. SealMax has been widely used to provide weather-proof joints between various substrates.

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