Exterior sunscreening

Anti-heat blinds

VELUX anti-heat blinds keep your home cool and comfortable by blocking the heat before it even hits your VELUX roof windows. The transparent mesh lets in light and protects you from the heat without disrupting your view. They’re perfect for home offices, living rooms and anywhere you’d like to spend time in cooler temperatures away from glare on sunny days. This is one of the fastest ways to protect yourself from the heat reliably. The anti-heat blinds are quick and easy to install from the inside.

  • Good heat protection
  • View to the outside

Transparent mesh fabric to keep you cool while preserving your view

The VELUX anti-heat blind with black transparent mesh fabric blocks out the sun without compromising your view. Perfect for glare-free days in your work office or cool afternoons spent in your living room. The mesh is tested for wind, UV- and heat degradation, and provides long-lasting performance.

Control your VELUX anti-heat blind from anywhere in the room with the ready-to-use wall switch. The electrical blinds run in aluminium side rails to ensure they operate smoothly and remain stable. The manual blind with hooks can only be rolled up fully or fully down. You can upgrade your electrical blinds to VELUX ACTIVE or VELUX App Control for even more convenience.

Only for windows that are within reach. The manual anti-heat blinds install quickly and easily from the inside and are easy to operate. Simply open the window, rotate it 180 degrees and fix the blind to the two hooks on the outside of the bottom sash.

Solar powered:
Select solar powered VELUX blinds for your manual or solar powered VELUX roof windows. Installation is easy because there’s no need to run cables.

Select electric VELUX blinds for your electric VELUX roof windows. Connects directly to your electric window.

If you have a manually operated VELUX roof window you will need a KUX 110 control system (not required for VELUX electric roof windows as the control system is already installed)


Installing your VELUX anti-heat blind is easier than you think

The VELUX anti-heat blinds fit all VELUX roof windows perfectly. The manual anti-heat blind can be installed from inside of the room by one person in just 15 minutes, all you need is a screwdriver.