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Experience the aesthetics & benefits of terracotta cladding with cost efficient solutions.

Pioneer in the art of building envelopes in terracotta for more than 30 years, Terreal assures you architectural quality and technical performances of its ventilated terracotta cladding and of its active efforts in providing sustainable construction solutions. Terreal continues to develop and adapt its range to customer demand by offering a low-cost system : Breeze®.

Breeze® is an extra slim (16mm) double skin terracotta cladding of small dimension (30cm x 60cm module) with overlapping horizontal joints. It offers the advantage of the double skin thermal insulation and moisture protection of the building thanks its complete closed-wall system and through ventilation. Its format makes it lighter and easier to install therefore requiring less manpower and equipment for installation.

  • Quick & easy Installation
    • Thanks to the slim design, it is light weight per m². This makes the Breeze® easy to handle and install.
  • Weather & fire resistant
    • The overlapping section of the Breeze and its closed vertical joints prevent the ingress of water. The fixing system with locking rails & clips offers solidity in wind load resistance. Our Breeze® facade and all terracotta cladding products are tested to be non-combustible.
  • 100% natural, recyclable and Eco-friendly
    • Breeze® is made of natural terracotta, a building material that combines thermal inertia, durability and which is totally recyclable. The fixing system do not need any bonding chemicals or sealants, keeping the wall toxin free.
  • Thermal & energy efficient
    • Breeze® facade acts as a shield against solar radiation. Heat accumulation on the surface of the wall will be not transmitted to the underlying layers, and thanks to the chimney effect a direct air flow between the external cladding and the Inside wall allows the evacuation of heat through the open Joints and the top of the facade.
  • Maintenance free
    • Breeze® facade requires little to no maintenance as the colours are throughout.



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