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GSE In Roof System

The essential

In-Roof Integrated PV system for traditional Photovoltaic Panels
Simple, Quick, Aesthetic, Lightweight, Waterproof and Inexpensive.

Developed by installers for installers, the GSE Integration Kit offers sizeable advantages.


  • Easy to install
  • Quick to mount : installation time is very valuable to professional installers and we kept that in mind when designing our kit (a 3 to 5kW System installed in 6 hours)
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Completely Waterproof : ensures a complete water tightness of the PV System
  • Flexible : achieve any desired configuration type (landscape, portrait, U-Shape, Pyramid etc), on any roof type
  • Shock Resistant
  • Climate Resistant (from -30°C to 100°C)
  • Fits most existing PV modules
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Inexpensive : GSE integration kit is to date the most cost efficient In-Roof PV System on the market, making it ideal for roof retro!ts and new construction.

Tests & Certifications

Available Sizes
Technical Specs
ColorSILVER / BLACK (100% Recyclable)
MaterialPP - Aluminum - Stainless Steel (100% Recyclable)
Temperature Range-30°C to 100°C (Vicat Softening Point: 148°C)
Slope12° to 50°
Weight2 to 3 kg
Liability insurance trading and productLiability insurance - CHUBB
Guarantee insuranceProduct 10 year guarantee insurance EPERS - SMABTP
CEIABRef. 248-SY CEIAB 2012 for all roofs
CSTB TESTWaterproofing and wind resistance 100 % conclusive
report : EN-CAPE 16.014C-VO
Accelerated ageing EMI 13-26044709
Resistance to wind load
NF EN 12179 - report CLC14-26052298
STRESS /WATERPROOFING - Report N°MRF 1526056677-1
STRESS TEST - Report N° LNE P154794
ETN BT130003 (Alpes contrôle)Validated modules for french market (List available on our website)
Fire tests exposureCompliance BROOF T1, T3, T4
CertisolisMechanical loading tests NF61730 and NF61215
report 20131024-005 & report 20140708-001
Mechanical and climatic validation
report 20120903-003
BBAMCS 12 BBA 0156 - confirmed for all modules


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