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GSE Thermo’system™

The essential

A thermodynamic hot water tank that uses the surplus electricity you produce to heat your water at no cost!

3,33 The higher COP on the market! 7 years guarantee!


  • Developed in France to optimise self consumption by using the electricity produced by the panels and not used by the house. This electricity will then heat up the water in the tank at no cost. Capacity
    254L or 54 gal
  • SMART GRID module, comes in addition to your Aerovoltaic system
  • Performance : COP 3.33, the higher on the market
  • Silent system
  • The module detects when the power rejected to the grid hits 750W and starts the heat pump inside the tank
  • Operating temperature range between -5C and +35C -> automatic shut down outside that operating range
  • Only 1.75m high and 631mm diameter
  • Water storage at 62°C during solar energy storage
  • Possible connection on ambient air or outside air
  • Steel body with Ceraprotect enamelling for increase resistance to blows
  • Magnesium anode to make sure the water won’t be in contact with the aluminum
  • Easy replacement of the resistor without emptying the tank
  • 7 years guarantee
  • Up to 70% saving on your hot water bill


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