Pleated blinds

Translucent pleated blinds for flat roof windows

The VELUX translucent pleated blind for flat roof windows comes in a decorative fold design that gives you soft daylight control. The electric pleated blinds connect seamlessly with your electric flat-roof windows. They are also perfect for VELUX fixed flat-roof windows with a conversion kit (KUX 100).

  • Decorative design with soft light adjustment
  • Perfect for living rooms and home offices

Select your level of comfort – up to full automation

Control your blinds from anywhere in the room with a ready-to-use wall switch. You can easily upgrade your electrical blinds to VELUX ACTIVE or VELUX App Control for even more convenience.

Select electric VELUX blinds for your electric VELUX flat roof windows. Connects directly to your home’s wiring.

If you would like to use this blind on a fixed flat roof window (CFP) you will need a conversion kit (KUX 100)