Roller blinds

Translucent roller blinds

The VELUX translucent roller blind gives you privacy while still letting in natural light in rooms where you don’t need total blackout. It is designed for a perfect fit and easy installation with no measuring, trimming or cutting. The stepless design runs in aluminium side channels and can be positioned anywhere in the window.

  • Softens incoming daylight and provides privacy
  • Perfect for living rooms and home offices

Nature collection

For design and environmentally-conscious consumers, our new Nature Collection blinds are primarily made from recycled materials, which halves their carbon footprint compared with other collections, they are the natural choice for getting the most out of your VELUX roof windows.

Whatever your style, there’s a blind to match.

There’s a blind to match your style, whatever it is

From classic to trendy, the VELUX blind collection features stylish colours and subtle patterns to match any home and every space beautifully.
VELUX blinds have child-safe cordless designs to ensure safety in your home. And all our interior blinds are OEKO-TEX certified and guaranteed free of harmful substances

Install your VELUX blinds in 15 minutes

Installing VELUX blinds requires no measuring, trimming, cutting or extra tools. They are made to fit perfectly, and everything you need is included in the blind package. Your VELUX windows have pre-installed mounting brackets for your blinds. Simply click on the original VELUX blind and add the pre-fitted side rails.