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Roof Cladding Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Roof Cladding

Roof cladding entails installation of a waterproof layer that eliminates moisture build-up in the roof’s surface and within the property itself. Advancement in roofing technology has led to a variety of roof cladding options with excellent aesthetic benefits, besides offering protection from external weather conditions.

Terracotta tiles are one of the most popular roofs cladding material for both contemporary and traditional buildings. Ideal material for roof cladding should be durable, weatherproof, fireproof, affordable, and attractive and insulation against temperature and high noises.

With the right roof cladding, you add significant value to your property especially through better appearance and enhanced water-tightness of your property. Terreal terracotta is proven and tested in roof cladding diverse commercial and residential applications. Every system we install is a commitment to providing utmost value and customer satisfaction.

The installation of terracotta cladding is straightforward. Proper installation helps form a waterproof seal. The roof cladding style is very durable, providing long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. A properly installed roof cladding system can last many decades while offering the same aesthetics benefits and protection. Terracotta cladding can be coated or colored for uniformity with the rest of the building.

The versatility nature of cladding using terracotta makes it suitable for a comprehensive range of commercial and residential applications. It is highly recommended in achieving a uniform appearance to your property’s exterior surfaces. Also, many types of terracotta roof cladding systems are ideal for renovation purposes.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Roof Cladding System

Looking to transform your building with a new roof cladding system? These are some of the fundamental factors for building owners and contractors to consider subsequent to the installation of the roof cladding of choice.


The climate of the area plays a fundamental role in choosing suitable roof cladding. In warm climates, the priority should be keeping heat out. On the other hand, it’s very critical to retain heat in southern areas.

Weight of the material

Different cladding types differ with regards to how much they weigh. The weight of the desired cladding material should be considered during the initial architectural design. It’s worth noting that the lighter the cladding material, the more economical it is during installation.

Style of your building

It goes without saying that roof cladding has a conspicuous impact on how your building looks. It is essential that the roof cladding material of choice matches with the architectural design of your building. Choosing an attractive cladding enhances the resale value of your home.


More often than not, building owners have a preference for specific colors. The color of your cladding affects how well the roof absorbs or reflects heat. Also, it is essential to consider the colors of the surrounding properties.

At Terreal, we are always committed to recommending the most ideal and reliable roof cladding system for the project at hand. Our company has a wide variety of roof cladding solutions you can leverage depending on your specific needs. Contact us today for a customized package.

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