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Roof Skylights for Homes Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Roof Skylights for Homes – VELUX Skylights for flat-roofed homes

For many decades, VELUX roof windows have been renowned worldwide for their ability to fill homes with natural light and invigorating fresh air. The manufacturer’s exceptional range of products is designed to cultivate vibrant, wholesome, and energy-efficient environments for living, working, studying, and leisure.

With VELUX, you can transform any space into a bright, revitalizing haven that promotes well-being and sustainability. Terreal, a formidable player in the roofing industry, is a certified dealer for the VELUX range of products and accessories. Let’s explore some of the premium VELUX skylights we offer for flat-roofed homes.

Flat glass roof light

The VELUX flat glass rooflight is a cutting-edge addition to the manufacturer’s latest generation of rooflights. Its exquisite design seamlessly invites the enchantment of daylight into your living space. With its distinctive slim frame and concealed sash, this rooflight ensures abundant natural light, even when equipped with a blind. The flat glass rooflight is available in either a 2-layer or 3-layer construction, delivering outstanding energy efficiency while effectively reducing noise from rain, hail, or traffic. Clients can choose between the basic or comfort option.

The VELUX flat glass rooflight is designed to accommodate roof pitches ranging from 2° to 15°. It beautifully combines the benefits of daylight, impeccable design, and aesthetic appeal. Its exceptional energy performance further enhances its value, making it a superior choice as a VELUX roof skylight for homes in Singapore.

Curved glass roof light

The VELUX curved glass rooflight has a stunning design that effortlessly invites the enchantment of daylight into your home. The curved glass top ensures seamless rainwater drainage, even on flat roof pitches. With its unique features, including a slim frame and invisible sash, this rooflight maximizes the influx of daylight.

Experience the benefits of the 2-layer or 3-layer glazing, providing excellent energy performance while reducing noise and thus enhancing comfort. Suitable for roof pitches from 0° to 15°, the VELUX curved glass rooflight is a top performer with CurveTech, delivering exceptional functional benefits and captivating aesthetics.

Dome with glazing

The VELUX glazed dome is a state-of-the-art flat roof window dome designed for roof pitches ranging from 0° to 15°. This energy-efficient dome allows the entry of natural daylight and fresh air into flat roof homes. The top unit comes in either acrylic or polycarbonate material and offers a choice between a clear or opaque finish. Offering an advanced solution, this glazed dome is an excellent choice for achieving good energy efficiency and enhancing the overall comfort of your living space. Its versatility and practicality make it well-suited for various roof pitch configurations. 

Vario by VELUX

Discover the exceptional Vario by VELUX range, offering bespoke skylight solutions in Singapore. The skylight is ideal for clients who wish to unleash their creativity and personalize their rooflights according to their preferences. Vario by VELUX provides uninterrupted panoramic views of the sky above with clear internal measurements and the assurance of laminated glazing. The product provides the perfect solution for creating a customized and visually stunning rooflight that perfectly suits your unique style and brings abundant natural light into your home.

Modular skylights

Velux modular skylights are excellent for creating expansive areas with unobstructed open sky views. Modular Skylights are designed for roof pitches ranging from 5° to 25°, specifically for modern flat roof homes. Rest assured that the skylights have undergone rigorous testing to withstand extreme weather and climate conditions. Elevate your living experience with the innovation and beauty of Modular Skylights in Singapore.

Final thoughts

Terreal stocks a premium selection of VELUX roof skylights that suit varying budgets and preferences. As a customer-centric company, we take pride in helping our diverse clientele in Singapore and beyond to transform their living and working spaces. Talk to us today for a deeper insight into our products and services.

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