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Roof Tiles Manufacturer Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Roof Tiles Manufacturer

Terreal is a renowned roof tiles manufacture with modern plants situated in strategic locations across the globe. Terreal has invested heavily in the latest roofing technologies and is one of the key players in the Malaysia roof tiles market.

With our wealth of experience in the roof tiles industry, our comprehensive range of roofing tiles are highly recommended as the ultimate roof tile manufacturer for both residential and commercial applications.

Our roofing tiles have been widely adopted, especially in the Asia Pacific region. As a formidable roof tiles manufacture in Malaysia, Terreal has consistently created beautiful and long lasting clay roof tiles. We customize our roofing solutions to achieve roof tiles that are tailored to market needs. Terreal is a reputable roof tiles manufacture, offering the most comprehensive roof systems.

Terreal recommends a roof pitch range from 22 to 35 degrees. The roof pitch depends on the wind and rainfall exposure of the roof. Underlays are highly recommended under tropical climate. A roof pitch between 25 and 35 degrees will enhance water flow and water-proofness of your roof.

Owing to their innovative culture, Terreal has achieved ground breaking success as a Malaysian roof tiles manufacturer. We recently launched our new state of the art factory, the Kluang 3. The new factory will cater for the ever-growing demand for mineral tiles. Kluang 3 will significantly enhance efficiency and quality assurance when it comes to roof tiles manufacturing.

The 2700m2 factory has utilized the latest engineering techniques and is been recognized as a touch of genius. Terreal is equipped with modern machinery that ensures high production capabilities. The company has maintained a competitive edge in Malaysia roof tiles market. Many property owners are looking for innovative roofing solutions, Terreal thus upholds uttermost product development and innovation.

Terreal offers aesthetically superior roofing materials that will make your roof stand out. Few roof tiles manufacturers can match our superior standards. Our roofing tiles have been widely adopted to achieve the desired roofing effect of our customers from around the globe. Suitable roofing tiles should blend in with existing streetscape. Environmentally friendly roof tiles are highly recommended, as opposed to alternatives that deplete the environment.

Terreal promotes high aesthetic appeal, durability and energy efficiency in the comprehensive range of roofing tiles. It is the goal of the Malaysia roof tiles manufacture that customers get optimal benefits from the comprehensive range of roofing materials.

Modern interlocking tiles from Terreal offer optimal functionality. Incase of defects of the roof tiles, individuals tiles are easily replace instead of full re-roofing. Need a high quality roof system? Terreal got you covered.

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