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Rustic Brick Tiles Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Rustic Brick Tiles

Rustic brick tiles are compatible with the most sophisticated contemporary designs. The brick tiles are ideal for use in both domestic and commercial environments. When it comes to wall cladding, rustic brick tiles is an emerging trend that creates a beautiful earthy or rustic look to your building.

For many decades, Terreal has supplied building materials for our diverse clients. The company creates innovative solutions for the building envelope. Terreal is the company of choice for the supply of quality rustic bricks tiles that will help you achieve a stunning brick effect wall. Rustic brick tiles have an artisanal feel, besides coming in varying tones. The tiles are ideal for creating a modern rustic look.

Rustic finishes have a unique appeal for interiors. Modern rustic brick tiles are well designed to appeal to both the eye and to the touch. Also, advancement in technology has enabled more custom designed brick tiles, thus improving the nobility and authenticity of your construction.

When it comes to residential buildings, rustic tiles will instantly bring out that homey feeling. Customers always love the character they add to various decors. Rustic tiles are appreciated among many people for their smooth finishing and edges. Rustic brick tiles can be arranged in a horizontal or vertical layout, thus great for emphasizing the height of a space. Also, you achieve a touch of modern appeal with the tiles.

Rustic brick tiles are made from very high-quality materials, thus ensuring high durability at its user end. The tiles are available in standard ranges and can be customized depending on clients’ needs and requirements. There is a multitude of different designs and sizes to choose from.

Terreal brick tiles are well designed with the latest technology to provide the utmost natural character. Our terracotta building solutions are customized, ensuring your project is truly unique and authentic. It is our ultimate goal that our rustic brick tiles offer genuine warmth and character. Choose from our unique style range. Our company also provides a variety of components for installation and finishing. When properly designed and installed, rustic brick tiles offer perfect water tightness.

Besides brick tiles, Terreal also provides wall cladding and sunscreen solutions to transform your facades. Our products have encouraged fresh designs ideas for building owners and architects. When it comes to cladding systems, Terreal is ahead of the curve. Our cladding solutions offer lightweight and rapid fixing. Also, you benefit from the superior properties of terracotta.

More and more innovative building solutions have been widely adopted around the world. Subsequently, the design and installation of concrete tile have been revolutionized. Terreal has been at the forefront of this revolution. Contact us today for a customized package.

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