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Screen Facade Architecture Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Screen Facade Architecture

Terreal is your partner of choice for custom designed screen facade architecture that will transform your visions into reality. Each of our Terracotta products is designed to offer a myriad of solutions for your living spaces. Terreal offers an unmatched variety of baguettes to be used with different screen facade architecture. Our terracotta baguettes are rich in shapes and length. For many years, our diverse clients have used these sunscreens to achieve exceptional architectural designs.


The small sunscreen is well designed with a square shape. With its versatility, Autan® is a great choice for sun protection projects. Whether for screening or wall cladding, the baguette is economical for a wide range of architectural choices. Customers can choose from a wide variety of warm and luminous colors.


The small terracotta baguette has an ovoid shape. Its ovoid shape allows original architecture like pixel effects. Harmattan® allows simple and fast installation.

Autan® XL Droplet

Autan XL Droplet is a long length terracotta baguette. It’s economical and very suitable for contemporary architectural designs. Autan XL Droplet can be fixed horizontally or vertically. The baguette has been widely adopted to build sunscreens, wall claddings or visual screens. With its large format, Autan® XL Droplet is perfect for giving that modern slender look. Additionally, there is plenty of warm colors to choose from.

Autan XL

This terracotta baguette boasts a modern look, especially due to its long and slim shape. With Autan XL, you can achieve a full creative potential. The baguette can be installed vertically or horizontally. It is proven and tested for performance, whether for protection from sunlight or decorating facades. Autan XL is compatible with a comprehensive range of projects. Customers benefit from many options to express rich and unique architectural ideas.

Zonda® XL

Zonda XL is highly recommended for architectural sun protection. The terracotta baguette is rectangular shaped and is excellent in enabling play on shadows. With the use of Zonda XL, customers benefit from excellent thermal and solar performances, besides optimization of natural light from the sun. It’s ideal for both horizontal and vertical installation, thus versatility. Customers can choose between 10 and 15 cm standard sizes.


The sunscreen is shaped like an airplane wing. Shamal® terracotta baguette is well designed with an exclusive fastening system, besides a support profile. With Shamal®, you have highly effective sunlight protection and thermal insulation for a wide range of buildings. The spacing of elements and inclination angle primarily depend on specific architectural choices. Customers can choose between 14 and 20 cm dimensions. Choose the terracotta to achieve the slim aesthetic of an airplane wing.

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