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Shading Architecture Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Shading Architecture to Transform Your Facades

Energy costs are increasing in many parts of the world. Excessive solar glare and solar heat can thus be costly for building owners, besides being an unwanted hindrance. Consequently, solar shading is highly recommended for residential and commercial buildings alike. With advancement in technology, a selection of shading systems is now available for a wide range of options. Innovative shading systems help achieve a unique architectural impact, while at the same time minimizing heat gains. Terreal has an enviable portfolio to meet your needs.

True to our innovative culture, Terreal offers the latest wall cladding and sun screens solutions that are ideal for shading architecture. For decades, Terreal has provided innovative solutions for the building envelope, mainly focusing on four activities: roofing, structure, façade, decoration. Terracotta, with its rich natural qualities, is highly recommended for shading architecture. Customers benefit from a comprehensive range of colors and finishes to achieve new internal and external environments.

There is demand for more integrated shading solutions that cover fundamental aspects of a design, including solutions to improve natural ventilation and natural sun light. To enhance energy efficiency, emerging technologies and improvements are being integrated into shading architecture. Terreal façade offers unmatched value for designers and building owners alike. It’s a unique material for outstanding architectural designs.

External solar shading is highly effective, especially when it comes to controlling the internal conditions of a building. Terracotta louvers are highly recommended for transmitting, absorbing and reflecting solar radiation. Consequently, they aid in reducing transmission of radiation inside the building. It is critical that louvers are adjusted in such a way that the building optimally benefits from the heat coming from the sun.

When it comes to shading architecture, the most fundamental factors include the projected energy savings, aesthetic enhancement of the interior environment and the cost of the various shading devices. The relevant shading technology should be incorporated in the very early stages of the constructions.

It’s worth noting that different construction projects have varying requirements for shading. For example, offices have different shading needs compared to residential houses. Working with experienced professionals is critical to ensure the shading architecture is tailored to your needs. Also, you get to understand the ins and outs of various solutions. Building occupants naturally want spaces that are day lit and with conducive heat levels.

Terreal looks forward to providing proven and tested solutions that match your specific shading architecture requirements. Contact us today for a customized package.

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