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Skylight Terrace Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Velux Skylight Terrace Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand

Do you own an outdoor area that remains inaccessible due to a slanted roof? Experience the perfect solution with a VELUX skylight terrace, providing you with the ideal balance of functionality. When open, it grants access to roof spaces, while when closed, it welcomes ample daylight, transforming the area into a bright and inviting space. The article aims to provide valuable insights and inspiration for anyone interested in creating stunning outdoor living spaces using Velux skylight terraces.

With the emerging trends in interior design and the architectural space in Singapore and beyond, VELUX skylight terrace provides more possibilities for designers and property owners. By installing the roof terrace, you can finally make the most of your outdoor space, even with a sloped roof, while enjoying the benefits of natural illumination when desired.

Combining top-hung windows with attached vertical elements achieves a doorway-like effect as the vertical section of the window opens outward and to the side. This design allows for easy access to a balcony or terrace whenever desired. VELUX skylight terraces can sustain weight, so people can walk on them. When the skylight is closed, it offers unobstructed floor-to-ceiling views and serves as an excellent source of natural light, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

Installing skylights in your building will certainly help enhance your mood and sleep through exposure to continuous natural light throughout the day. If you’re looking for an ideal way to increase the square footage of your building without spending big bucks on a new structure, a skylight terrace might be the solution for you. A well-placed skylight terrace will enable you to draw natural light and capture uninterrupted views of the sky through a full-width skylight.

The size of your skylight terrace is critical. According to experts, a skylight terrace that appears disproportionately large could actually reduce your property’s value. Ideally, you want the skylight terrace to be an accessory to your home rather than the primary focus. By keeping the skylight terrace small enough and in harmony with the rest of the building, you can maintain your home’s overall appearance and integrity, ensuring that it complements the architectural style and doesn’t detract from its visual appeal.

Installation costs for VELUX skylight terrace vary depending on the skylight model, the number of skylights, and the ceiling and roof type. Not sure about the exact cost of your skylight terrace? Terreal will provide a comprehensive price estimate, including the cost for a new skylight and labor costs for interior and exterior finish work. Check out our VELUX skylight terrace price list to see what matches your budget.

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