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Slanted Roof Windows Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Benefits Of VELUX Slanted Roof Windows

VELUX slanted roof windows are a popular choice for homeowners with sloped or pitched roofs. These windows, also known as roof pitch windows or skylights, offer numerous benefits and can transform the look and feel of your living or working space. Here’s a closer look at VELUX slanted roof windows and what makes them an excellent option for property owners in Singapore.

Natural Light

One of the primary advantages of VELUX slanted roof windows is their ability to bring abundant natural light into a building. These windows are strategically placed on the sloping roof, allowing sunlight to enter from above. The result is a well-lit interior that feels open, spacious, and inviting.

Energy Efficiency at Its Finest

VELUX slanted roof windows are built with energy efficiency in mind. They feature double or triple glazing that helps to insulate your home, minimizing heat transfer and maintaining a comfortable temperature. Some models also come with Low-E coatings, enhancing energy efficiency by reflecting heat and UV rays.


VELUX slanted roof windows offer enhanced natural light and ventilation. The products are equipped with manual or motorized opening options, allowing you to control how much fresh air enters your home. Proper ventilation helps to improve indoor air quality and creates a more comfortable living environment.


VELUX slanted roof windows add a unique architectural element to your home. They create an interesting focal point and can enhance the overall design and visual appeal of both the interior and exterior. VELUX offers a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to choose a window that complements your home’s charm and aesthetics.

Durability and Warranty

VELUX is synonymous with high-quality products; their slanted roof windows are no exception. These windows are built to withstand various weather conditions in Singapore, including strong winds and heavy rain. VELUX also offers warranty coverage for their windows, thus long-term durability and peace of mind. As a client, you can rest assured of the utmost value for money.

Ease of Operation

VELUX slanted roof windows are well-designed to enable easy operation and maintenance. They can be opened and closed manually or with the help of motorized controls. Some models even have rain sensors that automatically close the window when precipitation is detected. The windows are also designed for easy cleaning.

Final thoughts

Consult a professional installer or roofing expert to determine the ideal placement and style of slanted roof windows for your specific needs and enjoy the benefits of a brighter and more inviting living environment. At Terreal, we stock various VELUX slanted roof windows designed for optimal performance and reliability. We offer discounted prices for bulk orders. If you would like additional information regarding our products and services, feel free to get in touch with us!

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