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Stone Wall Cladding Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Stone Wall Cladding

Stone wall cladding is a simple and highly effective way of decorating walls. With the advancement in technology, new cost-effective options are available depending on specific architectural needs. Stone cladding may be applied to concrete buildings as part of their initial architectural design.

Benefits of Stone Wall Cladding

Over the years, stone wall cladding has been widely adopted for both commercial and residential buildings. This can be mainly attributed to the following benefits:


The cladding method is cost-effective in terms of cost of material and cost of application. Building owners want cladding material that is economical, with no compromise for quality and performance.


It is generally light thus allowing ease of application. Additionally, its light weight makes it easier and cheaper to build. Light wall cladding solutions take enable less installation turnaround.

Variety of designs and colors

With stone wall cladding, customers are able to choose from a multitude of designs and colors, which might not be possible with other options. Stone for cladding can be chipped, cut and shaped depending on the required size.


Stone wall cladding offers long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

Using high-quality materials means that the stone wall cladding will not fade or crack over time. Durability is important, especially for external application.


When it comes to aesthetics, stone wall cladding is generally viewed as superior. Building owners benefit from quality texture, besides unique shapes. Customers can choose among various color tones available in the market.

Suitable Wall Cladding

Just like any cladding project, stone wall cladding should add a ”wow” factor to your exterior while at the same time being practical and cost-effective. Also, the color of choice should match with the setting. Stone wall cladding is not likely to discolor with time, especially due to high density and low water absorption properties. Customers gravitate towards light colors, as they look stunning. However, others prefer dark colors as they don’t show dirt. Choose our stone wall cladding to achieve endless possibilities in terms of creating random designs and patterns. Stone wall cladding is ideal for both commercial and residential projects.

Building owners and designers alike want building materials that are innovative and versatile. Stone wall cladding offers utmost versatility and is ideal for a variety of applications. The cladding solution is thus highly recommended for complementing a facade and adding interest. Working with the right professionals helps bring your imagination to life, notwithstanding the individual space of the project at hand.

Terreal is your company of choice for the best cladding solutions. Contact us today for a discussion regarding your project. With us, the possibilities are endless. We are committed to helping you choose the most suitable wall cladding for your project.

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