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Sunscreen Architecture Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Benefits of Sunscreen Architecture

Sunscreen architecture has been widely adopted in many contemporary commercial and residential buildings globally. The innovative solutions are highly recommended to keep building interiors cool, play with light and create a stunning modern exterior. The myriad of benefits from adoption of sunscreen architecture include:


Terracotta baguettes also enhance versatility in your building designs, bringing facades to life and create depth. Suitable sunscreens should allow easy and hassle-free assembly on site, besides quick installation on the framework. It is critical that sunscreens are compatible with all sunscreen products. Vertical and horizontal installation of sunscreens enhances architectural freedom. Terracotta sunscreens from Terreal promote versatility, especially with regards to choice of spacing and length

Sun Protection

Customers want sunscreens that will combine thermal comfort and optimization of natural daylight. Sunscreens are effective in allowing natural light in, while at the same time minimizing the effects of glare while maintaining visual contact with the outside. Sunscreen architecture solutions from Terreal offer unmatched real solar protection and solution to minimize energy costs, especially with regards to air conditioning. Anti-glare phenomenon is critical in improving comfort inside buildings. It’s worth noting that external screens are highly effective technique of solar control. We highly recommended terracotta sunscreens for eliminating the greenhouse effect.


Shadowing as a result of having proper sunscreen architecture leads to comfortable lighting conditions. It is critical that specific analysis is done with regards to the level of illumination and amount of natural light in the project environment. Sunscreens regulate the light flow transmitted, thus making building more comfortable for those inside.


The unparalleled durability of terracotta makes sunscreens an ideal choice for both commercial and residential buildings. Customers benefit from long-lived performance with minimal maintenance, especially due to the excellent physical and aesthetical qualities of sunscreen architecture.


Over the years, terracotta has been reinvented to achieve innovative and unconventional architectural designs. Consequently, sunscreens have been widely adopted across the world to create stunning modern exteriors. Sunscreens are highly effective in giving an unmistakable vibrancy to building facades. It is critical to take into account the material of the sunscreen, thus the need for seeking informed advice from experts. The aesthetic benefit of a sunscreen should be evident from both the interiors and exteriors of the building.

As a customer-centric company, Terreal takes pride in consistently providing sunscreens that are matched to your specific needs. With us there is a lot to choose from, with a variety of shapes, color or dimensions to create the product that is tailored to your need. In this regards, we work closely with our customers to develop custom sunscreen architecture.

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