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Sunshade Facade Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Tame the Sun with Sunshade Facades

There is a growing need for contemporary buildings to efficiently manage solar energy. Many building owners across the world are adopting appropriate sun control strategies, along with innovative shading devices. Consequently, they are able to control the amount of heat and sunlight entering their building. It is important to note that sunshade facades and architectural shading devices have a significant impact on the aesthetics of a building.

With technological development, companies such as Terreal are able to design highly innovative sunshade facades. The sunscreen systems may vary in terms of cross-sections, but primary factors such as resistance and durability remain unchanged. For many years customers have used our facade cladding solutions to make their facades stand out with character.

A well designed facade adds cutting edge character to your property, besides utmost sun protection. The use of terracotta products in many regions around the world opens up a whole new world of wall cladding possibilities for architects and designers. Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas in ventilated facades, or sunscreens, Terreal’s extensive range provides new inspiration.

It goes without saying that buildings derive many benefits from solar shading using sunscreens. Whether you have a residential or commercial building, occupants always appreciate minimized sun glare. Shading all exposures creates uniformity in the building appearance. More importantly, dynamic shading systems have been widely used to achieve significant energy savings.

Having the right sunshade is critical in controlling the amount of direct sunlight penetrating through your building. The primary objective of sunshades is to prevent the entry of direct sunshine into the building during the cooling season, while on the hand allowing direct sunlight during the cooling season. Consequently, you benefit from minimal energy consumption. With us, you have the right experts to give you a deep insight regarding designing a sunshade facade system that is suitable for your building.

For decades, Terreal has been at the forefront in developing top-notch building solutions, especially relating to terracotta. Consequently, we offer an unmatched selection of creative ideas for facades of varying sizes, shapes, angles and configurations. With a comprehensive range of colour finishes and technical fabrics, customers benefit from highly customized solutions. Customers want sunshade facades that are tailored to the specific needs of the project at hand.

Invest in a suitable facade shading solution today. There is a multitude of options and design possibilities to choose from. Working with a reputable company with experienced specialists can deliver the ideal shading solution for your situation, and this is where Terreal comes in. Contact us today for a deeper insight into our products and services.

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