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VELUX Roof Balcony Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About VELUX Roof Balcony

The VELUX roof balcony incorporates a top-hinged window with ample headroom and breathtaking panoramic views. The innovative roof balcony unlocks the transformative potential of your roof space and introduces a whole new dimension to Singaporean homes.

As curiosity grows and interest piques, we understand you may have questions about this innovative roof balcony solution. This article explores some profound FAQs related to VELUX roof balconies in Singapore.

Can any building have a roof balcony?

Roof balconies may not be feasible for every building. Various factors must be considered, including the building’s structural integrity, compliance with building codes and regulations, and the roof’s load-bearing capacity. Consulting with roof balcony experts such as the Terreal team is crucial to evaluate whether your specific building can accommodate a roof balcony.

What are the benefits of a roof balcony?

Roof balconies offer several benefits for both residential and commercial buildings. They provide additional outdoor living space, especially in urban areas with limited ground space. In addition, roof balconies such as the VELUX models offer privacy and panoramic views and can serve as an excellent space for working or relaxation. Roof balconies can also enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of a building.

Do I need permission to build a roof balcony?

Generally, it is necessary to obtain permission before building a roof balcony. Building codes and local planning authorities often regulate the construction of such structures. You will likely need to acquire permits or approvals to ensure adherence to safety, zoning, and aesthetic standards. It is crucial to consult with professionals and check the requirements set by your local authorities to understand the specific guidelines applicable in your area.

Does installing a VELUX roof balcony add value?

A roof balcony will nearly almost add value to your property in Singapore or elsewhere. Research has revealed that adding a roof balcony usually adds more than one-tenth of the value of a property. Many home buyers greatly value the natural light provided by roof balconies.

What is the lifespan of a roof balcony?

Most roof balconies last at least 10 years. That being said, factors such as proper installation, prompt repairs, choosing a premium roof balcony brand, and regular cleaning help maximize the roof balcony’s lifespan. We highly recommend choosing premium roof balconies such as the VELUX models with full warranties.

How much does it cost to build a roof balcony?

The cost of VELUX roof balconies can vary significantly based on factors such as size, design and style, materials used, and nature of the building. The building owner might have to fork out additional expenses for structural modifications, safety features, permits, and professional fees. It is recommended to consult with professionals such as Terreal, who can provide a realistic estimate based on your specific requirements.

Can a roof balcony be added to an existing building?

Adding a roof balcony to an existing home or commercial building is possible. That being said, it’s essential to evaluate the structural viability and confirm that the building can handle the extra weight. We highly recommend consulting a structural engineer or building expert who can identify the necessary modifications for successfully incorporating a roof balcony into an existing building.

How do I maintain a roof balcony?

VELUX roof balcony for customers seeking ease of maintenance. Like other skylights, VELUX roof balconies require regular maintenance to keep them in excellent condition. In this regard, users must periodically clean the interior and exterior parts, check for any damage, and inspect the integrity of the barriers or railings. Contact our expert team for more help and guidance to ensure the safety and longevity of your roof balcony.

Final thoughts

As a licensed dealer of VELUX roof balconies and other VELUX products, Terreal is your trusted partner in bringing this transformative feature to your home or commercial property in Singapore. Our team of experts is ready to provide professional advice, assistance throughout the entire process, and long-term support to ensure your VELUX Roof Balcony exceeds your expectations.

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